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Native Americans and The European Settlers

No description

Rayven Mayllen

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Native Americans and The European Settlers

Native Americans and The European Settlers
Shared land, they didn't believe in "owning" land.
brought pigs, sheep, and cattle to the Natives.
bought cash crops from the natives.
grew crops better than the Europeans because the europeans just threw seeds on the ground and the Native Americans made hills of dirt so the seeds are safe.
The Natives traded a lot of stuff to the settlers for fur, wumpa, and horses. the settlers traded guns, wumpa, horses, fur, and other stuff.
found new things like horses, corn, and other new foods and stuff.
They both
The Europeans
The Native Americans
The Native Americans
The Native americans used everything of the animal they killed. the settlers took the fur and left the rest.
The Europeans
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