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Stats Project

No description

Maddie Goots

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Stats Project

"I should tweet that..." Maddie Goots, Grace Delehanty, and Bianca Stringer Finding out which OU Twitter account is most popular! What is twitter? A social media account where people can share mini blurbs of 160 characters or less "Favorite" means that the reader deems the tweet interesting or entertaining while a "retweet" means that the reader deems the tweet interesting or entertaining enough that they want to share it with their own followers @OUCrushes "I am kind of developing a crush on the notoriously slow swiping brunette girl at Shively" @OU_Confessions "I wear the Voice shirt around campus to make my friends happy, but I am secretly voting for Fuss" Extra whipped cream to go please RT @MaryDeRoy: @bobcatmakeOUts they are having a sonic blast pic.twitter.com/Tc29pyojJC @BobcatMakeOUts We collected data by getting together and counting both favorites and retweets of 22 tweets from each account before 11:59pm on April 6th What We Controlled How long each tweet has been exposed
Run by OU students
What is viewed as an original tweet What We Could Not Control Which submissions the owners choose to post publicly
What order the tweets were actually posted
Couldn't control what they were about Variables Independent Twitter Account Dependent Popularity, amount of likes and retweets Hypotheses Null There is no significant difference in popularity between the 3 OU twitter accounts, OUcrushes, OUconfessions, Bobcatmakeouts Alternative There is a significant difference in popularity between at least one of the OU Twitter Accounts Assumption 1: Homogeneity of Variance Assumption 2:
Population Means are normally distributed Assumption 3:
Groups are Independent Means and Standard Deviations @OUCrushes Mean: 11.95

StandardDeviation:19.02 @BobcatMakeOUts Mean: 7.27

Standard Deviation: 6.34 @OU_Confessions Mean:23.95

Standard Deviation:18.75 ANOVA Test α=0.05
N=66 K=3
df=63(round down to 60)
Fcv=3.15 Fisher's LSD tcv=+/-2.009 α=0.05 Effect Size #INCONCLUSION η2=.171
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