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Lisamarie Escudero Jiménez

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Personal Opinion:
Heineken’s advertisement focus on show Heineken as a premium beer, this effectively makes sense to me because on Supermarket’s Heineken Beer is positioned next to 1664 Beer and Leffe beer both premium beer and also more expensive.Heineken’s beer promote their beer as premium but not with a premium price as the others two beers. Is this expressing how is really perceived by the consumer, are better beers than Heineken, superior in their taste? Heineken’s Position Nowadays Their online ads on the other hand, emphasizes the taste as also friendship.

These are consequences of the results they obtain in the 1998’s case.

Many of their commercial are based in the “Premium Beer vs Standard Beer” survey they did.

Appeal to “Always count on Heineken” ,this was a friendship expression suitable for Heineken’s brand obtained from the focus group. Heineken’s Position Nowadays
This is also possible because of the many sponsorship they do:

James Bond film’s, UEFA Champions League 2011- 2013, Rugby World Cup 2015
Artists: Foo Fighters, The Police, The Racounters, etc.

Festivals: Heineken Music Hall (Netherlands), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), etc. Heineken’s Position Nowadays Enhance Heineken’s competitive advantage projecting the brand as “the world's leading premium beer”. (Project Comet)

What male drinkers meant by taste and friendship in relation to drinking premium beer and which expressions of taste and friendship for advertisement? (Project Mosa) Main Struggles ISG International Marketing Seminar
Professor: Pablo Brice de Diesbach
Lisamarie Escudero Heineken’s Case 1998 Based on print and online ads, Heineken is positioned nowadays as a Premium Beer.

Over the last decade, their print ads emphasizes the property of good taste with foam and golden color. Heineken’s Position Nowadays Friendship Expressions Quality expressions.
Availability in bars or more countries makes no difference.
Tradition : follow the original recipe is very important
Brewing Skills are important to U.S.A and Germany . Taste Expressions Project Mosa: Survey 3- Overall Heineken Suitability Social occasions that differentiate a standard vs premium beer Netherlands and Germany consider beer taste indicators in a similar way.
United States market consider the product and the marketing strongs indicator
In the average of 8 countries price will make no difference 1.Factors perceived as strong or weak as indicators for beer taste Project Mosa
Survey 1 and 2 Heiniken’s brand image was not being consistently projected in the brand’s communications around the world.

1.Clarify Heiniken’s brand identity and how advertise it on TV.

2.How far Heineken’s brand image and advertising worldwide can be standardize
Only two TV Advertising were used in multiple countries,the rest was created by local heineken’s managers. Main Struggles People believed true values Reason of purchase Pride, tone of voice Few people
Content, relaxed, confident Slow pouring shots no gulps
Golden color no knocking back
Sparkling texture Team decided Heineken’s desired brand: “Good Taste” Project Comet Promoting “Always count on Heineken” very important and the image of true friends
Value of Respect is an unimportant factor.

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