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This Prezi was created for educational purposes.

Karina Serfozo

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Doceri

Doceri What is it? According to Doceri.com, it" is a revolutionary software suite for authoring and controlling presentations. From your iPad, you can control your presentation computer, annotate over any content displayed, save those annotations, and replay them for an audience. Doceri frees you from being tethered to your computer or whiteboard, allows you to face your audience, and create sophisticated presentations in your own handwriting" (2013). Advantages to using Doceri in the classroom Disadvantages to using Doceri in the classroom Gives teachers more time to spend 1:1 helping students
Builds stronger student/teacher relationships
Offers a way for teachers to share information with other faculty, students, parents, and the community easily
Produces the ability for students to “rewind” lessons and master topics
Creates a collaborative learning environment in the classroom
The software is compatible on Macs and PCs

("Teachers Use Technology to Flip Their Classrooms", TechSmith.com, 2013) There appear to be very few downsides to actually using this software. However, one negative is that the full functionality of Doceri won't be realized in the classroom unless iPads are readily available to the students as well as the staff. Another is that if there is no WiFi connection, then you can't run the software between devices. Also, if students do not have internet access at home, then they won't be able to view presentations independently. Ultimately, technology can be faulty, so one should not depend solely on its use. Content knowledge cannot be replaced; it can only be enhanced by the new tools that continue to be developed. How to use Doceri in the classroom The way our students learn is changing. Technology is not going away. Instead of trying to fight the inevitable, we as educators should be trying to figure out how to use technology to our advantage. Doceri is a program that can enable us to reach our students in a more meaningful and relevant way. References Burns, Derrick. (2012, August 13) 7 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Classroom Presentation Technologies. tlt.its.psu.edu. Retrieved from http://tlt.its.psu.edu/2012/08/13/hot-team-mobile-classroom-presentation-technologies/.

Helping Students Catch Up Using Video Tutorials Created from Doceri. (2013, February 24) TeachRefineRepeat.wordpress.com. Retrieved from http://teachrefinerepeat.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/helping-students-catch-up-using-video-tutorials-created-with-doceri/.

Teachers Use Technology to Flip Their Classrooms. (2013) Techsmith.com. Retrieved from http://www.techsmith.com/flipped-classroom.html

What is Doceri? Doceri.com. Retrieved from http://doceri.com/helpfiles/using_doceri.pdf

7 Things You Should Know About Flipped Classrooms. (February 2012) Net.Educause.Edu. Retrieved from http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/eli7081.pdf Why Doceri? Doceri allows the teacher to make lessons and presentations before class. The program also enables annotations to be made and saved while a lesson is happening. In addition, students are empowered to learn independently. Ultimately it is a tool that allows the teacher to be mobile and the classroom to be more interactive. Instead of coming to class and being lectured to, students can view Doceri presentations at home, and come to class already having an understanding of the lesson. This enables the teacher to guide and assist on a more personal level.
Students can use Doceri for remedial purposes when they fall behind for whatever reason. They can also make annotations, rewind for clarification, and learn how to correct their own mistakes.
Doceri also allows the teacher to instruct students when they cannot be there physically, whether the student needs help at home or the teacher is absent.
Students can learn at their own pace.
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