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Past Modals: Deduction and Speculation

Use modal verbs to speculate about the past. What might have happened? What must have happened? What can't have happened?

Lesson Plans Digger

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Past Modals: Deduction and Speculation

How can you explain this?
What's the logical explanation?
They must have been going to a Halloween party.
How can you explain this?
You saw your 25 year-old teacher hugging a much older man.
What's the logical explanation?
The elephant might have wanted to drink some water
Past Modals:
deduction and speculation

What's the logical explanation?
He can't have done it by himself.
How can you explain this?
Yesterday on the bus you saw a man who looked exactly like your uncle. Your uncle died two years ago.
The crocodile must have been waiting for its prey.
They might have participated in a theatre play.
They can't have done it for work!
It must have been a joke
It might have been dangerous
He might have...
He must have...
He can't have...
You called you best friend 5 times yesterday and she still hasn't called you back
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