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Making the whole-school CAS Commitment

Presentation by Paul Karafiol, Phil Gartner, Steve Viktora

Paul Karafiol

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Making the whole-school CAS Commitment

Why? When? How? So what? Steve Viktora
New Trier H.S. 2000 Who? Suburban public school
2600 students; 25 math teachers
15% free/reduced lunch
Pre-Algebra through post-Calculus
Technology prevalent Suburban public school
4200 students; 46 math teachers
<5% free/reduced lunch
Algebra I through post-Calculus
Technology prevalent Walter Payton Glenbrook South New Trier Improve Access
(at home, not just in class) Increase Equity
(for students with weak backgrounds) Improve Learning
(connect representations) Increase Consistency
(only learn one platform) WPCP: Cold Turkey "We can't take it anymore!"
Nonterminal students required to have Nspires; terminal students loaned TI-89s
200+ Nspires bought for students on free/reduced lunch; "strict liability" for lost, stolen, damaged calculators
PD from Texas Instruments for math
2010: school to sell Nspires to frosh CAS is a reality for students and for grown-ups New Trier: Top-Down Phasing Gradual adoption in upper-level courses
5/09: everyone must have CAS
Teachers paid to develop curriculum over summer
PD in June, July, August (ongoing)
Calculators sold in school store
150 calcs loaned via rewards program
Used GBS ideas to smooth implementation Start with incoming frosh courses
Implementation moves with students
Loaner program for students with financial need
Calculators sold in school store
PD & Curriculum Development in summer, academic year
Graphing Calculator Buyback Glenbrook South:
Incremental Adoption Of course, there were some hitches Getting the department on board
Calculator availability
Transition costs
State Testing
Revising course expectations
Academic Honesty What's the use of Algebra? Expressing ideas
Making arguments
Interpreting (equivalent) expressions

CAS is not always the right or best way to attack a problem.
CAS requires symbol sense. We're still learning What we assess and how.
What just happened?
What the machines can do. Algebra becomes a theme CAS reinforces good notation
CAS brings up questions "out of order"
CAS empowers students to ask and answer questions with algebra Scott Galson
Walter Payton College Prep Phil Gartner
Glenbrook South H.S. Making the Whole-School CAS Commitment Who? How? When? Why? So What? Urban, selective public school
850 students; 8 math teachers
35% free/reduced lunch
Algebra I through post-Calculus
Technology prevalent TI-89s used in AP Calculus
WPCP uses TI-89 in Precalculus NSpire+CAS previewed at UCSMP; incorporated into CME, UCSMP, and other texts.
Nspire+CAS piloted in PC/Stats at GBS
New Trier Precalc adopts CAS Schools take the plunge: general students required to buy & use Nspire+CAS 1990s Graphing calculators for all
(TI 81/82/83/84 & 85/86)
CAS (TI 89/92) available and loaned to teachers
Mathematica/Maple & class sets of CAS
CAS legal on Calculus AP Exam from mid-'90s WPCP opens;
loans TI-83s like textbooks 2002
2003 2006 2008 2010 Ongoing professional development and conversations Hitches AND Steve Viktora
New Trier H.S.
viktoras@newtrier.k12.il.us Scott Galson
Walter Payton College Prep
sdgalson@cps.edu Phil Gartner
Glenbrook South H.S.
pgartner@glenbrook225.org Questions? Find this prezi at
http://bit.ly/x95Hqe 2011 ACT/CAS Study
Nspire Navigator
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