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Pain Killers

abt. pain killers presentation for Morgan class

Jazz Jackson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Pain Killers

How Does the drug affect the body? is it a stimulant/depressant? Pain killers can affect the body in the following ways:
Lack of interest
Light Headed
Slow and Shallow Breathing
Temporary sense of well-being
Liver damage
Pain Killers are a depressant. What are some street names for Painkillers? Dope
Percs What systems of the body is affected/how? Nervous System (Central && Peripheral) Examples of side affects:
Mental Side Affects Places to go to receive help to quit: Rehabilitation
Detoxification Center Diseases that can occur from taking painkillers Heart disease If caught using, legal ramifications: 400 grams can cause 5 years up to life.
Charged as felony.
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