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Evil Genius By Catherine Jinks

Kilduff C-4 2012-2013

Pooja Gupta

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Evil Genius By Catherine Jinks

EVIL GENIUS http://www.haddixbooks.com/smallbio.html Check it out!! http://www.catherinejinks.com/ Reviews "Catherine Jinks is a brilliant builder of narrative firewalls, and just as you think you have it all figured out, you don’t. To match the dynamic intricacy of the plot, Cadel’s character develops from that of a put-upon child to a morally searching adolescent." Chicago Tribune "Imagine Harry Potter's Hogwarts in reverse . . . this book will appeal to younger teens who can see the possibilities for adventure through the eyes of the bad guys. Although Cadel himself will in the end deny evil, he learns that no one remains untouched by it." Voice of Youth Advocate Catherine Jinks is the Australian author of more than thirty books. She writes novels for all ages. She has won many prestigious awards for her novels. Her work has been published in over ten countries, including, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, the United States, etc. By: Pooja Gupta By Catherine Jinks Quotes Therapist to Cadel

"Next time, whatever you do, don't get caught." Dr. Deal to his Law class

“Right" he said "Let's get one thing clear. I am not here to teach you law, I am here to teach you loopholes.” "Catherine Jinks pulls out all the stops in Evil Genius, making Cadel not just smart, but brilliant, devious, loyal, inventive, creative, focused, and oddly good at cross-dressing." The Georgia Strait Cadel is your typical genius. He gets bored at school, so he spends his free time causing trouble. He is a wiz on the computer and can hack into anything. He dismantles security systems, hacks into train and road traffic systems with ease. He attends the Axis Institute of Evil to enhance his criminal skills.

Because of his genius IQ, Cadel has a hard time making friends. Cadel realizes that he will never find a friend to match his abilities so he begins manipulating his classmates into breakups and misery.

Because of his intelligence, Cadel thinks he a master manipulator. Little does he know, that everything he knows and loves is a lie. His whole life changes in an instant. Cadel Piggot Sequals About the Author Other
Books Catherine Jinks
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