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Carl Jung

No description

Azqa Khalid

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Carl Jung

Azqa Khalid & Aida Carl Jung Basic Bio Accomplishments/Experiments Theories Fame/ Fortune Hardships Born on July 26, 1875
Raised in Kesswil, Switzerland
Died in 1961 •Research in word association testing: Reads a few words from list and the subject responds
•Method of amplification: patient described system, then has to analyze it themselves in different ways
•Did many case studies

•Wrote many books Concepts on Psychoanalysis and nature of unconscious
Developed his own system of psychoanalysis: Analytical Psychology (individual personality or psych functions on three levels
Ego operates at conscious level
personal conscious: experiences that have been repressed, forgotten, or kept from consciousness in some other way
Individuals categorized as attitudinal types
Introverted (inward looking)
Extroverted (Outward looking)
These personality characteristics are overlly dominant in the Conscious mind •His parents were poor, his mother was rough, and constantly away
•Felt different and was isolated from his peers
•1913-1914: withdrawal from outside activities, “State of disorientation”Had dreams of the end of the world and world destruction.
This follows a period of psychotic episode. Jung later admitted that he was “menaced by psychosis.”
When the war broke down later on, he said that he had instead seen visions
•1944: heat attack and foot fracture which made him quit lectures
•His work created a lot of controversies •One of three outstanding figures in the 1st generation of the psychoanalytic movement
•Was popular because of his work with Freud
•A training institute was built in Switzerland. Jung drew the first set of regulations for his institute and supervised it until his death
•Came up with a variety of theories that became well known, such as archetypes, personality types (extroversion and introversion), psychic regulation, persona, animas, anima, synchronicity •Learned Latin and other ancient languages when he was 6
•Fainted under stress
•Anxiety about drawing attention to himself and didn’t like competition
•Cheated on his wife many times even though he had 5 children
•Described himself as introvert
•Studies show that he was not in touch with reality at times because he believed that his house was haunted by his mother’s ghost
•Had sexual relationships with some of his patients
-He described himself as a psychological superman Questions! Which country was Carl
Jung born in? 1 3 List one of Carl Jung's Theories Define Introvert 2 Define Extrovert 4 What was one of the hardships he endured? 5 Give an example of
a type of experiment method he used 6 Interesting Facts Carl Jung described himself as
a _____________ Superman. 8 Which famous psychologist did he begin his work with? Was Carl Jung's family growing up poor or rich? 9 10 7 List a random fact Thanks for listening! :)
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