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bradbury's Life

No description

Destiny Jordan

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of bradbury's Life

Bradbury's Life's Story Ray Bradbury's Early Life Hometown HollyWood Personal Life Literature First published in 1953 by Ballantine Books, Fahrenheit 451 is twice as long as "The Fireman". A few months later, the novel was serialized in the March, April, and May 1954 issues of Playboy. Bradbury wrote the entire novel in the basement of UCLA's Powell Library on a pay typewriter that he rented for a fee of ten cents per half an hour. Ray Douglas Bradbury Was Born In Waukegan, IIIinois, On Auguest 22. 1920, He Was The Third Son Of Leonard Spaulding Bradbury And Esther Mane Moberg Bradbury. They Gave Him The Middle Name "Douglas" Actor Douglas Fairbanks. Ray Was Surrounded By a Loving Extended Family During His Early Childhood And Formative Years In Waukegan. In His Works Of Fiction 1920s Becomes "Green Town" IIIinois Between 1926 And 1933 The Bradbury Family Moved Back And Forth Between Waukegan And Tucson. In 1931. At Age Elevem Yound Ray Started Writing His Own Stories. As The Bradbury Family Moved To Tucson Arizona In 1926-1927 They Eventually Settled In To Los Angelas In 1934 When Bradbury Was Fourteen. The Family Arrived With Only Fourty Dollars Whic Paid For Rent And Food Untill His Father Found a Job Making Wire At a Cable Company For Fourteen Dollars a Week. In 1932, One Of Bradbury's Earliest Influences Was Edgar Alan Poe, At Age Twelve Bradbury Tryed To Imitate Poe Untill He Was 18 In High School, Ray Graduated From Los Angelas High School Not Attending College He Decided To Sell Newspapers At The Corner Of South Norton Avenue And Olympic Boulvard. On a Hot Afternoon in 1946 Margente McClure Spotted a Young Man Wearing a Military Style Trench Coat With Deep Pockets Seemed Suspicious, After Talking To Him About His Recant And Publications She Was Impressed, He Asked Her To Coffee Which Turned Into Cocktails Quickly They Fell In Love Septembeer 27, 1947 His First Book Dark Carnival Was Published.

Continued.. Ray Bradbury Married Marguerite McClure January 16, 1920 - Novemeber 24, 2003
From 1947 Until Her Death They Had Four Daughters Susan, Ramona, Bettina And Alexandra Writing And Publishing The Work Plot Summary

-The Hearth And The Salamander On a rainy night while returning from his job, Guy Montag is followed by a cheery, 17-year-old girl (she later admits to being a month short of 17 years-old) named Clarisse McClellan. Clarisse initially bothers Montag with her incessant questions (and Clarisse is a bit bothered by Montag's uncalled-for reactions, such as laughing when she hasn't said anything funny), but Montag chooses to tolerate her as she tells him of how she loves nature and walking around and observing how crazy the world has become. The two walk until they reach Clarisse's house (which is next to Montag's). Before Clarisse goes inside, she asks Montag if he's happy. The question catches Montag by surprise and he mulls over his encounter with Clarisse (and how similar it was to another encounter in the park involving an English professor who was afraid of Montag). The Sieve And The Sand While going over the stolen books (and nearly getting caught by the firehouse's Mechanical Hound), Mildred argues with Montag that books have no meaning and questions why Montag dragged her into this. Montag snaps back by mentioning Mildred's overdose, Clarisse's death, the book woman who burned herself, and how society is falling apart due to apathy, ignorance, and a pending war, then states that maybe the books of the past have messages in them that can save society from its own destruction. Before Montag can finish, Mildred gets a call from her friends about coming over to watch The White Clown on the parlor walls. Burning Bright Beatty orders Montag to destroy his own house, telling him that his wife and neighbors were the ones who reported him. Montag tries to talk to Mildred as she quickly leaves the house, but Mildred ignores him, gets inside a waiting taxi, and vanishes down the street. Montag obeys the chief, destroying the home piece by piece with a flamethrower. As soon as he has incinerated the house, Beatty discovers Montag's earpiece (the green bullet) and plans to hunt down Faber. Montag threatens Beatty with the flamethrower and (after Beatty taunts him) burns his boss alive, and knocks his coworkers unconscious. As Montag escapes the scene, the firehouse's mechanical hound attacks him, managing to inject his leg with a tranquilizer. He destroys it with the flamethrower and limps away. Bradbury died in Los Angeles, California, on June 5, 2012, at the age of 91,
The New York Times' obituary stated that Bradbury was "the writer most responsible for bringing modern science fiction into the literary mainstream. The Los Angeles Times credited Bradbury with the ability "to write lyrically and evocatively of lands an imagination away, worlds he anchored in the here and now with a sense of visual clarity and small-town familiarity". Bradbury's grandson, Danny Karapetian, stated that Bradbury's works had "influenced so many artists, writers, teachers, scientists, and it's always really touching and comforting to hear their stories".The Washington Post hallmarked several modern day technologies that Bradbury had envisioned much earlier in his writing, such as the idea of banking ATMs and earbuds and Bluetooth headsets from Fahrenheit 451, and the concepts of artificial intelligence within I Sing the Body Electric. Final Dayss 1920-2012
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