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A Golden Age:Three West African Empires

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Malaysia Little

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of A Golden Age:Three West African Empires

Ghana's start date was 300 A.D. and ended in 1100 A.D.Ghana is a West African country boarding on the Gulf of Guinea.The major cities of Ghana is Accra, Kumasi, and Sekandi. Ghana's source of wealth is salt, and gold. Ghana is the center of all trade routes by a water source which meant they could trade by sailing to other countries. Abu-Bakr-Ibu-Umar invaded Ghana in 1062. By 1067,Seige was reached by the capital. By the time the city fell, many people were converted to Islam. Islam makes up 70% of the religion. Indigenous or Animist beliefs make 25%. Also 5% Christianity. These beliefs gave it's followers hope if the after life or assurance to accomplish something. A Griot tells stories about history to younger generations so that it perserves the history of the Mande people.
Mali's start date 1235 B.C.E. and ended in 1610 B.C.E.Mali is a west african country bordered by Senegal and Mauritania. Mali's major cities are Timbuktu, and Niani. Mali's gold, iron, and horses.
Silent Trade
The Silent Trade is a method by which traders who cannot speak each others language can trade without talking. It is also known as silent barter, or dumb barter.
Gold, ivory, spices moved from the north to Ghana and salt, spices, and ivory moved from Ghana to the north. One trade route from Ghana to Tunis passed through Marrakech, Silimasa, Timbuktu.
Taghaza and Walata
Taghaza and Walata is important because of it's mining. Most salt came from there, and then was traded for gold and shipped all over the continent.
Caravan Trader
If I was a caravan trader I would be traveling a distance of 2654 miles! I have encountered a lot of frightful things such as going through the HOT Sahara Desert. Their were sandstorms, and many dangerous creatures like venomous snakes, and many other wild animals. I would get great trading products like salt, gold, silver, and metals.
Songhay's start date was 1346 A.D. and ended in 1591 A.D. Songhay is North-West of Nigeria but moved up to west of Sudan.Sonhay's major cities are Kukiya, Jenne, Gao. Sanghay's sources of wealth salt, and gold.
Salt is a very valuable trade product because they used it to preserve food and for flavoring. Their bodies needed salt to keep them healthy and also for medical purposes.
A Golden Age:Three West African Empires
Mansa Musa
Cultural Achievement- Development and Expansion.
Cultural Achievement-Improvement in music, art and literature.
Economic Achievement- Management of the gold trade across Sahara desert to west africa which made Tenkamenin's empire rich and flourished.
Political Achievement- The country of Ghana reached the height of it's greatnesses level during the reign of Tenkamenin.
Economic Achievement- Gold, copper, and
salt trade expanded.They exchanged gifts
with Athen merchants in cities in north america
Political Achievement- Established
rule of law and enforcing it. They brought
great stability to his kingdom.
Askia Toure
Cultural Achievement-Based laws on the holy book of Islam
University of Sankore
The University of Sankore is located in Timbuktu, Mali.The University was a simple mosque with finiacial help it attracted students.Sankore University, also known as Sankore Masjid or University of Timbuktu, is one of three ancient centers of learning in Timbuktu, Mali, West Africa. During the 14th-16th century, Sankore University enrolled more foreign students than New York University today
Economic Achievement- They had a demorocracy
and a powerful goverment
Political Achievement- Askia Toure strengthened
his country and made it the largest country in west africa's history
3 advantages of centralized military and political power
Had advanced technology in weapon and command
3 advantages of having a written language
To pass on different generations to generation to generations
Had control system with large scale coordination
When in crisis, they protected inefficient use of resources
To be able to communicate to far lands
It helped with traders communicate if the person didn't speak a language fluently
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