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How to Decode a Word

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Rebecca Veroneau

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of How to Decode a Word

How to Decode a Word
Strategy #3
Stretchy Snake
Stretch the word as much as you can. Make all of the sounds in the word. Are you using your fish lips? Do the sounds match the picture in the book?
Why is decoding important?
In order for students to become successful readers, they need to know how to decode text. As teachers, we need to teach them strategies that they can apply and practice independently in their own reading. This prezi will explore kid friendly strategies to help students decode.
By: Rebecca Veroneau
Look at the pictures in the story. Can you get an idea about what the word could be? Make sure the letters match!
Strategy #1
Eagle Eye
Strategy #2
Fish Lips
Get your mouth ready! Say the first sound that the word makes. Does it match your "eagle eye" prediction?
Strategy #4
Chunky Monkey
Can you find any chunks in the word that you know?

Example: ch
Can you chunk the word "at"?
Strategy #5
Dolphin Flip
Try to "flip" the vowel sound. Did you use short a the first time trying to decode? Try long a this time and see what happens!
Strategy #6
Frog Skip
If you keep trying to decode the same word with no luck, skip it! Go to the next word and see if that helps you decode the unknown word.
Strategy # 7
Tryin' Lion
You have used a lot of different decoding strategies. Now, try to
the sentence! Can you decode the mystery word now?
When you are reading, always ask yourself:
Does it look right?
Does it sound right?
Does it make sense?
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