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Realistic Drama

No description

Genevieve Curtis

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Realistic Drama

Genevieve, Maddy and Sarah Realistic Theatre Realism is the theatre movement where playwrights wrote about real life and tried to portray their characters as realistically as possible. What is realistic Theatre? Realistic dramas portray the themes, perspectives and often the situations and characters of previous dramas

Ibsen shows a deconstructed version of our reality. His plays are more plausibly plotted Realism and A Doll's House Sets that are cut away to reveal the interior
Use of light and sound to replicate reality
Illusion that beyond the set there is more
A definite attempt to look or feel realistic
Use of the 4th Wall
Realistic settings and costuming
Logical sequence of time
Actors play one role throughout
“Theatre Magic” is hidden Conventions of Realistic Drama The History of Realistic Theatre •Realism began in the late 19th-century and began as an experiment to make theatre more useful to society.
•Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen’s plays were enormously influential
•The common man seemed to feel that he needed to be recognized and people asserted themselves through action
•Realism first showed itself through costuming and staging. By 1850 theatre productions used Features in a Dolls House:
- The Character of Nora

- The three act structure

- Setting
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