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Digital photography

No description

joshuap vossp

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Digital photography

Digital Photography By: Joshua Voss Original photo Enhanced photo Creative photo I chose to take this picture because I thought that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a picture of a gazelle in the wilderness of Walt Disney World's animal kingdom. I figured that since it was the last day of our vacation I might as well take a picture because my mom was hogging the camera for the whole trip. Why I chose to take this picture The next few slides show and talk about how I made the edits for the enhanced picture. Original photo My original photo was very dull and grey even though it inspired me to try it as a choice of dinner. "The nice chunky meat in the stomach makes my mouth water just by looking at it." This was my main focus when I took the picture. Brightness I decreased the brightness of my photo very slightly because I found that the photo was too bright and a little unclear. This picture was taken at approximately 10:30 in the morning. I was facing west when I took the picture so the light was coming straight on the gazelle giving my image the natural lighting making the gazelle's shadow fall behind itself . Contrast I raised the contrast by a lot to give the image a bold look because I found that the image did not a have a lot of contrast and by adding the contrast it made he image's colours more distinct. Thanks for watching and listening The End Hue I very slightly increased the hue to maintain the greenish grass but also to make the image slightly brighter. This helped enhance the photo's colour quality. Saturation I maxed out the saturation of my photo to make everything nice, crisp, and crystal clear. This makes you able to see every fine detail of the gazelle's fur or antlers Levels I used levels to help show the depth of colour change in my picture which can make the picture look more 3-dimensional. By moving the black, white and midton sliders, it also changes the brightness, contrast and, tonal range. The next few slides show how I edtied the creative photo Creative Photo For my creative photo I decided to edit my enhanced photo. I decided to make my creative photo look this way because the trip that I took to Disney world last year was very special to me. Since black is a colour of death and sorrow this picture was taken on my last day there because it was a sad day as the trip was dying off and I had to go back into the real world. Desaturate I first desaturated my photo to make it look dull and lifeless. I also slightly turned down the lighting because when I first desaturated the photo it seemed way to bright for a sad day. Eraser I decided to saturate the part which has the main focus point to it stand out in front of the rest of the image to make people look at that specific part. The circular part that is saturated reminds me of a telescope. The circle is the part that you would enlarge to get a better view of the gazelle. The End THE END Lighting Composition For my framing I used the deer's natural habitat which are the other deers and the grassy plains to create the natural framing for my photo. On my creative photo you can really tell that the framing of my photo are the areas covered in black and white. I can also say that I shot my photo candidly because the gazelle did not seem to be posing for me even though it did not know that I would take it's picture. Introduction Today I am going to talk to you about:

-What is juxtaposition?

-My lighting and composition for my photos

-And how I made my awesome original photo

even more awesome in my enhanced and

creative photo edits What is juxtaposition? Juxtaposition is when you take two or more objects and place them side by side to compare them, or for spotting differences between contrasts. You will soon get a chance to see my juxtaposition. But before I am going to introduce you to my original, enhanced, and creative photos. Goodbye Au revoir Adios Auf Wiedersehen! 再見了! 再見了!再見了! Beannacht
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