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Charlotte Ashley

on 23 July 2014

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(Source: British Fashion Council Value of Fashion Report)
Mission Statement:
'Topshop is all about refusing to be pigeonholed. Each customer is an individual and relies on the brand to deliver everything from basics to cuttingedge trends. It's the brand spectrum of ever-changing trends collections that keep Topshop ahead of the style game.'
Marketing Strategies
Release 1 collection exclusively online to encourage mobile and tablet sales

Create one 'affordable' lower cost collection in stores.

Give exclusive access to 10 of the UK's most prominent Fashion Bloggers to promote the collection, and feature them as models in the accompanying adverts.
Functional Objectives
: Achieve £100,000 exclusively from capsule collection sales.
: Reduce unit costs by 25% for the 'low-cost' collection.
: achieve 75% customer awareness by the end of sales.
Resources: Make full use of the workforce.
Marketing Tactics
A competition to invite young designers to create 2 new collections as voted for by Topshop customers.
Use fashion bloggers as the primary promotion for the new collection.
£39 Billion
Increase Online Revenue by 30% over 12 month period`
Increase brand awareness by 10% and loyalty by providing targeted online content.
Increase loyalty of the 18-35 segment over 12 month period.
: 2.8% share of womenswear market in 2014 (verdictretail)
: 9% growth in sales 2013.
Increasing market share 2013-2014
(H&M Annual Report)
Weaknesses vs Strength
Slow Growth Compared to Market
Reliable Distribution Channels
Strong Brand
Existing Success in Similar Ventures
Little professional
Threats vs Opportunities
Legal policies and Governments
International Expansion
Huge Internet
Market Growth
Strong Celebrity Influences
Competition from
Negative Celebrity Associations
Online Retail Markets
E-commerce fastest growing retail market in Europe - an average of 21.1%
UK online retail sales - £44.97bn 2014
Online sales by mobiles to grow 62% to £7.92bn
Sales using tablets to grow by 100% to £3.10bn

Mobile shopping will represent 31.1% of spending in 2014
Why a Competition?
'from basics to cuttingedge trends'
'ahead of the style game'
'ever-changing trends collections'
Why Fashion Bloggers?
An Extrapolation Graph of Topman Sales
Susie Bubble
500,000 Twitter +
Instagram followers
La Petite Anglaise
Recommended by Vogue and the British Fashion Counsel
Tuula Vintage
700,000 unique website visits a month
Potential Conflicts
Operations Department: Cutting costs in a short time.
Fashion Bloggers: May want more compensation in return.
Chosen Designers: May want more in return.
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