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Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

No description

Jocelyn Liang

on 1 August 2015

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Transcript of Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

Composed Upon Westminster Bridge
by William Wordsworth
- Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

William Wordsworth, a romantic poet, focuses on the imagery of the poem which, in turn, given readers an understanding of how he sees nature. The usage of personification, simile, and metaphor mostly help readers get a clean vision of what Wordsworth himself sees, and to allow them to relate more to nature. The joyful tone also enhances the fact that Wordsworth is enjoying himself as he describes the view.
Tone and Theme
-The theme of "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge" is the beauty of the city in the early morning, and the tone is joyful.
Structure and Rhyme Scheme
"Composed Upon Westminster Bridge" by Wordsworth consists of fourteen lines with the rhyme scheme of ABBA, ABBA, CDCD,CD. It is written with the iambic Pentameter, and is an Italian Sonnet.
Figurative Language
"Composed Upon Westminster Bridge"
: to describe the city, Wordsworth uses many literary devices.

Figurative Language
: to describe the city, Wordsworth uses many literary devices.

by William Shakespeare
"LXXV" by Shakespeare consists of fourteen lines with the rhyme scheme of ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, GG. It is written with the iambic Pentameter, and is of course a Shakespearean Sonnet.
-Personification :
first splendor valley, rock, or hill", uses his to describe sun.
now doth, like a garment
"The river
own sweet will".
"Dear God! the very houses seem
-Simile :
"This City now doth,

a garment wear", describing the quietness of the city.

-Metaphor :
"And all that
mighty heart
is lying still!", using 'mighty heart' to describe city.
owers, domes,
heaters, and
emples lie".
are you to my thoughts
, as food to life, Or as sweet-
season'd showers
are to the ground."
"Sometimes all full with
on your sight."

"as food to life".
"as sweet-season'd showers."

-In "LXXV", the usage of food, which represents love; the narrator desires love as much as he desires food, but he is afraid that love will go away if he treats it as a 'glutton'. This is also shown on the repetition of the "food" theme: "feasting on your sight", "starved for a look", "gluttoning on all".The tone of this poem is eager and enthusiastic.
William Shakespeare, a romantic poet, using massive metaphor to describe his beloved, and showing his dependance to his lover as the necessity of food to him. At some points, he shows his extremely passion to his beloved, which points out the importance of this 'soul-mate'.

My own poem:
Forgotten children cry in the corners
Do they still remember their parents’ waves?
They lost themselves, without any warmers
The crowded streets turn into hopeless graves
There are more than a million strangers
Who walk past these unknowns and ignore them
Who will know that they want to be laughers?
It seems no one wants to take care of them
How will this aspiration become true?
In these eyes without sparks like in winter
The coldness, darkness seeps all the way through
They pray and scream: where is the bright summer?
They believe the hope will always be there
All they want is a little bit more care.

Forgotten Children
About my poem
The structure of my poem is a Shakespeare Sonnet of fourteen lines with rhyme scheme of ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, GG. In this poem, I use metaphor :"The crowded streets turn into hopeless graves", and personification:"The coldness, darkness seeps all the way through". The theme that I want to express is not many people in this society are willing to care about homeless and abandoned children. Therefore, I write this poem in order to show their hopeless feelings and the indifference of the society. With that being said, the tone of this poem is hopeless, sad, and dark. The reason for me to write this poem is the news about abducted and abandoned children. As a result, their lives may be ruined because of this. The society needs to pay more attention on this event and prevent the tragedy from happening.
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