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Untitled Prezi

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Fabiana Ribeiro do Nascimento

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The language of the Web
Evolution and Management
The importance of the appearance of web pages:
Design and content organization
Texts to be clear and understandable for many people
Diversity of languages inside the Web
"The web is about anything being potentially connected with anything"
Large quantities of
interrupted linear
Large quantities of
"The Web is graphically more eclectic than any domain of written language in the real world".
This type of eclectisism can be seen in many aspects of the web's written expression, such as:
The use of
and other properties of discourse
The "anarchical" characteristic of the language on the web
No moderators: anyone can write about almost anything in the way they want to
Printed texts X Online texts
Printed texts are edited and proofread before publishing


Online texts are not proofread
"Whatever the variety of written language we have encountered in the paper-based world, its linguistic features have their electronic equivalent on the Web".
Main varieties of written expression:
Scientific texts
Even though these types of texts remain with their genre and structure in a macro-view, it is also influenced by the technology and the media in which it's located.
Made by: Fabiana and Ana Rita
The "Samantic Web"
A common language between people and computers
How to implement relevance, accuracy and disambiguation on researches through search-engines?
Computers would "learn" through different sources and return more accurate results
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