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SAU - Brain Awareness Week

No description

Jason Parker

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of SAU - Brain Awareness Week

imaging the brain: from treating disease to
augmenting performance CT X-ray functional MRI (fMRI) Intro Education: Medical Physics (Univ. of Florida)
Employer: Innovation Center at Kettering Health Network
Innovation Center is a translational research initiative in a community hospital setting
Most funding comes from local AF base for using MRI to study the brain (Human Perf.)
Challenge: How can we translate research in HP into treating patients better? Today we'll cover a variety of brain research projects using MRI
We'll pay extra attention to oppurtunities to use HP research in the clinical setting
But first, let's have an introduction to the study of the human ... the biomedical imaging universe Nuclear MR Spectroscopy Physics U Neuroscience Human Performance MRI fMRI Basics Disease Research Is there a difference between the brain at rest and the brain at task?
Sure, but can we image it? fMRI Basics The box-car paradigm time task on task off fMRI Basics OFF ON fMRI Basics AHA! Differences must be due to changes in the brain associated with task performance! ok, so where do these "differences" come from? fMRI Basics How do we tell the patient when to start and stop task performance? imaging brain function? let's talk some physics fMRI Basics Visual cues are used to coordinate patient response Ok, we've learned the basics of fMRI, from physics to neuroscience to clinical application

Let's start focusing on research in fMRI, specifically research in HP with the AF and its applications to treating disease Research is an exciting profession that can have a significant impact on the world.
The neverending challenge in research is to find the funding needed to perform research you're interested in.
For more info on the Innovation Center, contact: jason.parker@khnetwork.org
Thanks! Clinical fMRI Brain tumors Brain tumors Brain tumors Motor example Brain tumors Speech example OFF ON Brain function basics BOLD Contrast - Blood Oxygen Level Dependent
Deoxyhemoglobin (dHb) contains paramagnetic iron
Oxyhemoglobin (HbO2) contains diamagnetic oxygen-bound iron
Paramagnetism decreases the MR signal while diamagnetism increases the MR signal Brain function basics Hemodynamic response Brain function basics Uncontrolled cell proliferation
Mass effect So how can fMRI help? real time fMRI w/ neurofeedback Advanced Clinical fMRI So how can fMRI help? Intro Sleep deprivation can impair cognition
Serious problem in the military, e.g. AF pilots can fly for up to 40 hrs w/out sleep
How does this affect their ability to perform?
Do some people handle fatigue better than others? fatigue New task OFF ON AF: we need to augment human performance
Research community: transcranial magnetic stimulation
Our response: teach soldiers to control brain at will with real time fMRI w/ neurofeedback Patient Guidance System real time fMRI applications What else?
Substance Abuse
Neural plasticity
Control over robotic limbs It's over... Block Block ~16s schizophrenia
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