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The Negative and Positive Impacts of a Shopping Mall on Biod

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Guneet Bola

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of The Negative and Positive Impacts of a Shopping Mall on Biod

The Positive and Negative Impacts of a Shopping Mall on Biodiversity
The Positive Effects of Shopping Malls
There are basically no positive effects of shopping malls to biodiversity but I did find some positive things of shopping malls. The main positive thing of a shopping mall is it has almost all the stores in one spot. It has a lot of stores so a lot of people could have a job. Not only at the shops but people also work as mall management such as managing the money that geos in and out , people also collect the trash, the security team,and not to forget people who collect monthly renting fee.The mall provides people with jobs and provides almost all the shops at one spot!
The Negative effects of Shopping Malls on Biodiversity
There are more of negative things of a shopping mall on biodiversity then positive! There are lots. But I will tell you most of them. Shopping malls are often built on land which is important to the survival of birds and wild animals. It covers large areas with the parking lot and the building itself and instead of trees and grassland. Even though it contributes to global warming and less clean breath for us but people are still making more malls. It is usually built far away from a city and a town center which means people must go on their cars ,resulting an increased air pollution. ...........
The Negative effects of Shopping Malls on Biodiversity (part two)
Shopping Malls do effect on biodiversity and the environment. I think the song "Big Yellow Taxi" says that. So what is biodiversity? Biodiversity is the term used to describe the variety of life found on Earth and all of the natural processes. This includes eco-system, genetic and cultural diversity, and all the connections between all species.
By Guneet
Lots of electricity used in a shopping mall for example the light that the shopping malls need because they are usually huge. Also the air conditioning,heating,elevators and escalators use up a lot of electricity to work. The shopping mall has a lot of technology and computers which need electricity as well. Since we also fall under biodiversity their are negative effects for us too. Agricultural land gets taken away and agricultural land is where food and crops grow.Also since the earths population grows everyday we need more food for everyone. Which can't happen if this type of land gets taken away.Humans are cutting down trees and are ruining the environment we need and only we can stop this from happening.
Even Canada needs to think for it's environment / biodiversity because at this rate soon we will have to pay a dollar and a half to see trees.
this if we don't stop what is
happening to the environment
and biodiversity.
This will turn to
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