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Japan nuclear reactor explosion

biology project

Blakely Kassay

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Japan nuclear reactor explosion

by Blakely Kassay Japan Nuclear Reactor Explosion In Okuma, Fukushima, Japan, a group of nuclear reactors all had meltdowns as a series of equipment failures. Nuclear meltdowns release radioactive materials into the air and into the sea, this would get the animals infected with the toxic fumes or make them move away from there biome The causes of the nuclear meltdown was that the earthquake shook the core and then the core melted down and made the reactor explode. The other cause of the reactor having a meltdown was that a giant swell from the tsunami came up to the reactor and got into the core thus making the reactor explode THE CAUSES Water cycle Carbon cycle Nitrogen cycle Food web the sun would get blocked off by the fumes the autotrophs would die because the wouldn't get enough sunlight and the fumes would eat up oxygen and carbon dioxide the heterotrophs would also die from the lack of food and the radioactive poison the tertiary predator would eventually die by radioactive poisoning and/or lack of food, yummy the apex predator would die the same way as the heterotrophs and the tertiary predator, oh boy! the decomposers would have to decompose the bodies and also the toxic waste www.wikipedia.org
www.savetheturtles.gov Sources
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