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Week 1 lesson 1 P.E

Figs framework!

Clay Douyere-Pate

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Week 1 lesson 1 P.E

Introduction to Figueroa's Framework. By Mr. Douyere-Pate
(Mr. D) What factors determined your sporting choices? Where your choices shaped by:
A teachers or sport you played at school?
What is Figueroa's Framework? Peter Figueroa, a sociologist, developed a framework to analyse racism within society, particularly to look
at how equity and access to society’s resources are affected by a person’s race. This framework can also be applied to other aspects of sociology, including equity and access to sport: Figueroa’s framework explored equity and access through five levels in society: Individual
Individual Interpersonal Institutional Structural Cultural Values
Genes Peers
Role models Community
Religion Policies
Development programs
Sponsorship History
Cultural identity
Social construction of gender
Hegemonic Masculinity
Ethnic background Your Participation in sport Which three people have had the greatest influence on your sports participation? Equity and Equality whether resources are distributed
fairly to all members of a society.
(the degree of fairness in a situation) Equity: Equality: The same opportunity should exist between two groups of people Equity and Equality helps us understand why some people are less likely to play sport then others
Barriers Identify (Interpersonal) How have your personal attributes contributed to your sports participation? (Personal) How has CCC contributed to your participation in sport?

Rugby league vs. Water Polo
(Institutional) Certain sports attract more funding and support from governments/corporations then others. (Structural) How has Australian Culture affected what sports you play?
Rugby league vs. Badminton (Cultural) Net Ball: How are you or how are you not physical suited to play net ball?
Personal Temperament
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