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BrewWorks Business Model Canvas

No description

Chris Borneo

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of BrewWorks Business Model Canvas

Key Partners
Key Activities
Key Resources
Value Proposition
Customer Relationships
Customer Segments
Cost Structure
Revenue Streams
BrewWorks - The Microbrewery Incubator
Business Model Canvas
Wholesalers (supply)
Brewers (supply / partnership)
Distributors (retail)
Bars (retail / partnership)
Brew clients' beer
Market clients' beer
Distribute clients' beer
Licensing/Start-up Assistance
Build and Nurture a Beer Community
BrewLab is the answer to the homebrewer entrepreneur's scaling dilemma. Utilizing per-use pricing of our capital equipment, our established distribution channels, product co-branding and our in-house start-up and brewing expertise and community, aspiring microbrewery entrepreneurs can easily scale with minimal investment and risk.
Extremely close relationships with:
BrewLab nanobreweries
Craft beer community

Srong relationships with:
Beer distributors
Local bars
Two-sided market:

Beer Brewers (Niche):
We create value for cash strapped, risk-averse homebrewers that have an excellent product that they wish to scale but are hesitant to do so because of the investment required

Beer Consumption (Segment):
Consumers of craft beer that are often willing to try new beers to see how they compare
Brewing equipment
Relationships with suppliers (for our purchases)
Relationships with retailers (for marketing and retailing)
Access to experienced brewers for brewing expertise
Awareness: Raise through marketing at bars and six pack shops (point of sale), presence at beer events, worth of mouth
Evaluation: Brew one sample six pack for the cost of products alone (promotion)
Purchase: Pay-per-brew -> membership
Delivery: Brewed beverages will be delivered to point of retail
After-Sales: Consultation available, cross-selling of labeling and customization
BrewWorks is focused on value creation (vs. lean)
Capital / leasing costs of brewing equipment (most expensive)
Long-term focus on reaching economies of scale for purchasing
Salaries to consultants / advisors for brew processing
Customers are currently unable to pay for the experience BrewWorks offers
Membership fees will start low or at zero and promotional "cost-only" brews will be used early on to raise awareness
Will focus on establishing monthly, subscription revenue streams ASAP
Membership fees differ based upon desired type and quantity of brewing
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