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Life of Buddha

No description

Diana Hagerty

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of Life of Buddha

Life of the Buddha
Siddhartha Shakyamuni
is born
into a Warrior Caste family,
son of a great king.
A Buddhist practitioner
by mistake gives
the Buddha a
poison mushroom dish,
The Buddha forgives the man and asks that he not
despair. Then, he dies
is peace.
His mother dies a week later.

A sage, Asita, makes a prediction that the child will
be a great sage or king.

Siddhartha's father Shuddhodana, wants him to
grow up and follow in his footsteps.
King Shuddhodana throws Siddhartha a
parade in the town. He wanders off with
his charioteer Chandaka and sees
"the four sights":

1. An old man

2. A sick person

3. A dead body

4. A sannyasin

Siddhartha relinquishes his expensive robes
and exchanges clothes with a poor person.

He wanders into the forest and meets
five ascetics.

They become his teachers and instruct him
on practicing severe austerities.
That evening, Siddhartha becomes the "Buddha",
the "Awakened One".
King Shuddhodana, thinking he can
inspire his son to rule the kingdom,
lavishes great wealth on the child.
He gives him great food, a wonderful
palace, and the best education money
could buy. It becomes a "perfect prison".

Prince Siddhartha excels at athletics
and academic studies. He even marries
a beautiful bride named Yashodhara.
Siddhartha is devastated.

Consumed by the realization of suffering
in the world, he decides to go on a
mission to solve it.

He realizes he has to leave his new wife and baby.
While everyone is sleeping, he leaves.
After six grueling years of severe austerities,
Siddhartha is near death. He is emaciated.

A young girl approaches him, with a milk-rice dish
and he has a realization called "The Middle Way".
The Buddha realizes that he cannot give his experience to anyone. They can only experience
it for themselves.

The five ascetics see The Buddha and realize something is different about him. They ask what he knows. At first he refuses, then he explains the Four Noble Truths:
1. The Truth of Suffering
2. Suffering comes from our attachments
3. Suffering can end
4. We must do 8 things to end suffering
Thousands of people follow the Buddha. Even his wife and son
become his followers. He allows any caste member to practice.
At first he doesn't let women practice with him, but soon realizes
that is wrong. He establishes both monasteries and nunneries,
and includes lay practitioners as well.

A monk named Ananda, who has a photographic memory,
remembers his teachings. He lives to be 80 years old.
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