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Modern Day Iraq

No description

gs students

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Modern Day Iraq

Iraq's Climate
Iraq's Resources
Iraq's resources are petroleum and other natural gases. Also phosphates and sulfur are more of Iraq's resources.
Iraq's Religion and Economy
In Iraq the main religion is Muslim. The growth rate is 4.2% each year and the inflation is 2% each year. Unemployment a year is 16%. Some industries are construction materials and food processing.
Modern Day Iraq
Iraq is in Asia. The capital of Iraq is Baghdad. Iraq is a small country in a huge continent.
Iraq's climate in July and August is nearly 120 Fahrenheit. In January it is below freezing.
By Brock S. 6L
Iraq's Wars
Iraq and the U.S. have been at war before. Those were difficult times for Iraq and the U.S. They are still fighting today because of the ISIS.
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