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change over time, cameras

No description

Monica Fox

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of change over time, cameras

All cameras have amazingly and greatly changed over time. The cameras have become smaller and it's quality has gone through the roof. The body of the camera has decreased a lot. Something that has increased is the size of the lens and the complexity. If you look now all cameras have gone from film in cameras to digital. Now cameras quality is awesome and now they are in mostly every piece of technology.
The most popular camera in the 1900's
The most popular camera of the 1900's was invented by George Eastman. The Brownie 127 was the name of the camera. It was a simple camera and had a ridiculously low price of $1.00. The Brownie 127 is a Kodak camera and was introduced into the public in February, 1900. The Brownie 127 sold millions all over the globe because of it's simply usage the jingle or sloagan for the camera was "You push the button, we do the rest."
Nothing in this camera was complex so it sold around the world.

We chose cameras because we are both interested in taking photos and have a passion for them.
But also wanted to do something no one else would do.
Created By Teagan Fox & Emily George
Change over time, Cameras.
The first camera
The first camera was called the 'camera Obscura' and looked like this. The first photo was very fuzzy and wasn't easy to see.
The photo was of rooftops in France.
The inventors name was Joseph Niepce he also invented the first internal combustion engine.
Joseph Niepce died at age 68 in 1833 and he invented the camera in summer in 1827.

What was the most popular camera in the 1900's?
How have cameras changed over time?
What is the earliest camera of all time?
What have been the changes to the style of cameras?
What Is The Change?
The Style The Way It Looks
The Lens The Improvements
The Brand Name The Power To Make It Work
The Name The Power Source
The Technology The Price
The Film The Sound It Makes.
The Memory Card How you print it onto paper
The Quality Of The Photo What you can do with it
The Quailty Of The Camera Cameras in computers
The Weight
The Size
The Way It Works
The Features
The Materials
The Flash
The Adjustment Of The Lens
The Zoom
Any Questions?
What and who brought the change?
Goro Yoshida (created the first canon, Japan)
Sunayama Kakuya (created the first Nikon, Japan)
Japan (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Lumix, Panasonic)
United States (Kodak)
South Korea (Samsung)
Joseph Niepce (First camera, France)
Louis Daguerre (Daguerreotypes, France)
William Henry Fox Talbot (photo on paper, England)
Geroge Eastman (film on roll and Kodak camera, America. Along with his wing men William Walker, Frank Brownwell and Henry Reichenbach.)
Oskar Barnack (35mm camera, Germany)
Edwin Land (Polaroid instant camera, America)
What were the effects of the change?
People are able to take photos
Take better photos
People are ale to keep memories
Better photography (e.g. action shots)
People a photo in a picture frame to keep
People who make cameras make more money
People Can estimate the weather because of cameras in satellites
People can take photos underwater
How has the change impacted on people's lives?
People can keep their memories
People could become a photographer for a living
Photos in book for explanation and detail
Camera Timeline
1826: Joseph Niepce (France) invents first camera (Camera Obscura).
1839: Louis Daguerre (France) invents Daguerreotype.
1839: William Henry Fox Talbot (England) invents photos on paper.
1884: First Kodak camera is for sale.
1888: George Eastman (USA) invents the film roll.
1924: Oskar Barnack (Germany) 35mm camera is for sale.
1930: the big flash camera is invented
1935: the color film is invented
1947: Edwin Land (United States) invents the instant polaroid camera.
1960: EG&G invent the first underwater camera for the U.S Navy.
1975: digital camera is invented.
1991: digital camera is for sale
2000: in phone camera is invented.
2005: first pill camera is invented and used.
Are there possibilities for further change in the topic of cameras?
Yes, because there are many different possibilities.
Usage of ink.
Advancing SD chip/ memory card.
Deeper depth with underwater cameras.
smaller cameras.
detail of photo.
How do we feel about this change?
Happy because we get to use better technology.
Excited because we both have a passion for photography.
What impact does this change have on us?
We can take photos of things I like.
We can keep memories of things I want to remember.
What can we learn from this change?
what can we do about it?
That there are many possibilities in life.
We have learned more about cameras and could take this further.
This isn't the end of cameras and we can still make advancements.
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