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Film Noir Pitch

No description

Grace Alley

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Film Noir Pitch

Film Noir Pitch

The detective’s coat is on the back of his chair and his feet are up on the desk showing that he is ‘at home’ and comfortable. The angle is on a tilt to show that something is wrong or about to go wrong.

Blinds on the detective face to show that he’s trapped.
Also enhances mystery as part of the face is obscured.

Femme fatale in darkness to show that she’s ‘evil’
The detective hasn’t had a chance to stand up and the femme fatale being above him still holds the power of the shot

Establishing Shot
Extreme Close up
Over The Shoulder Shot
Reverse Over the Shoulder Shot
Close Up
Justification of the Establishing Shot
Justification of the Extreme Close-up
The behind the shoulder shot gives the sense of danger, with the gun in immediate focus and our main character not appearing to have noticed the presence behind him.
Justification of the Over The Shoulder Shot
Justification of the Reverse Over The Shoulder Shot
This shot shows the detective being lower down showing he is in a weaker position and doesn't hold the power of the shot. The gun is one of the main parts of the shot making it seem more threatening
Justification of the Close-up
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