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Careers I want to explore

No description

Chelsea king

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Careers I want to explore

Obstetricians Cares for pregnent women, moniter patients health. You have to have a bachelors degree and apply to a medical school and a residency which is a total of 10 years of college
The college that is the closest to home is UF and they have a good medical program $199,717- $290,051 a year and $70 a hour You have to be nice to your patients because in theis job the patients are inj a lot of pain They use doppler ultrasound something that checks to see if the blood flow is good They deal with women that are pregenent and they get supplies that they use in this job from companies that have all the products They deal with problems with delivering the baby or if the pregnancy is going wrong You must calculate the right dosage for the patient Dealing with customers is the biggest thing you have to be nice because normally the patient is in pain
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