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Prophet Yusuf

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Bob Trekker

on 1 January 2014

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Transcript of Prophet Yusuf

Prophet Yusuf by Mostafa Chehadeh
Prophet Yusuf's Story
Recitation of Surah Yusuf ayah 1-10
3 Ahadith About Prophet Yusuf
1.Allah's Apostle was asked, "Who is the most honorable amongst the people?" He replied, "The most Allah fearing." The people said, "We do not want to ask you about this." He said, "The most honorable person is Joseph, Allah's Prophet, the son of Allah's Prophet, the son of Allah's Prophet, the son of Allah's Khalil"

2.Narrated By Abu Huraira : Allah's Apostle said, "If I stayed in prison as long as Joseph stayed and then the messenger came, I would respond to his call (to go out of the prison)."

3.Narated By Malik bin Sasaa : The Prophet said, "......Then we ascended to the third heaven. It was asked, 'Who is it?' Gabriel said, 'Gabriel.' It was asked, 'Who is with you? Gabriel said, 'Muhammad.' It was asked, 'Has he been sent for?' 'Yes,' said Gabriel. 'He is welcomed. What a wonderful visit his is!' (The Prophet added:). There I met Joseph and greeted him, and he replied, 'You are welcomed, O brother and a Prophet!'........"
Quranic References
for Prophet Yusuf (AS)
10 most prominent Ayahs in the Quran About Prophet Yusuf (AS)
(12:4) This is the narrative of that time, when Joseph said to his father, "O father, I have seen in a dream eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw that they were prostrating themselves before me. "
(12:17) and said, "O father! we were absorbed in running races, and we had left Joseph with our things, when a wolf came and devoured him: but you will never believe us, even though we were truthful".

(12:33) Joseph said, "My Lord! I prefer imprisonment to that to which they invite me. If Thou dost not ward off their cunning devices from me, I may be caught in their snare, and become one of the ignorant. "

(12:39) O my fellow prisoners, say, which, is better: various gods or the One Omnipotent Allah?
(12:46) Going to Joseph, he said, "Joseph, O man of righteousness! tell me the meaning of the dream of seven fat cows whom seven lean cows are devouring, and of seven green ears of corn and seven withered ones. Maybe I go back to those people and they might understand it. "

(12:62) Joseph spoke aside to his slaves. "Place secretly in their saddle bags the goods they have bartered for corn. " Joseph did this in the hope that when they would return home to their people, they would come to know of it; maybe they should come back again.
(12:76) Then Joseph first began to search the packs of his step-brothers before searching the pack of his own brother. At last he took it out from the pack of his brother. Thus We supported Joseph with Our plan: or it did not behove Joseph to seize his brother (by the king's law) except that Allah willed it so. We raise high the ranks of those We will, and there is the One Whose knowledge is far greater than the knowledge of all others.

(12:93) Go, take this shirt of mine, and cast this over the face of my father and he shall recover his sight. Then bring all the members of your family to me."
(12:100) (After entering the town,) he raised his parents to the throne, and seated them along with himself and all of them spontaneously bowed down before him. Joseph said, "Dear father, This is the interpretation of the dream I dreamt long before: my Lord has now turned that into reality. It is His grace that He took me out of the prison and brought you to me from the desert after Satan had stirred up strife between me and my brothers. It is a fact that my Lord fulfils His designs in mysterious ways, for He is All-Knowing, All-Wise.
Prophet Yusuf was the son of Prophet Yaqub. One day he had a dream that the sun, the moon, and eleven other stars were prostrating to him. He told his dad the dream and his dad told him not to tell his siblings. The dream meant that the sun was Prophet Yusuf's dad, the moon was his Step-Mother, and the eleven stars were his other siblings and they were all prostrating. Prophet Yusuf's brothers were very jealous of him, and thought that their dad liked Prophet Yusuf more. So the brothers plotted to take Prophet Yusuf away and throw him into a dark well and maybe some caravan could take him away. So they asked their father to take Prophet Yusuf to play with them in the medows, but their father was worried that they would neglect him and a wolf would eat him. The brothers said that he should trust them. So they took Prophet Yusuf to play, and after a while they took him and threw him into a dark well and took off his shirt and put fake or false blood on it. Then they went back to Prophet Yaqub weeping and crying saying that Prophet Yusuf has been eaten by a wolf and they only retrieved his shirt to give proof. Prophet Yaqub was very sad, and he was very sad for a few years. And over the years Prophet Yaqub became blind.

Prophet Yusuf remained in the well for a while until one day a caravan came to get some water and they found Prophet Yusuf and took him with them. They took him to a town and sold him as a slave for a very low price even though he is worth more. The person who bought Prophet Yusuf wanted to adopt him and teach him. When he grew up he was very handsome, and one day Al-Aziz's (The leader of the time) wife called Prophet Yusuf to a room and closed the doors. Prophet Yusuf said, "May Allah protect me from this! My Lord has given me a good abode: (and should I, then, misbehave like this?) Such workers of iniquity never fare well." The wife then ran towards Prophet Yusuf and he tried to get to the door. While Prophet Yusuf was running, the wife grabbed him by the shirt and it ripped from the back. Then the husband opened the door and the wife said, "What punishment does the one deserve who shows evil intentions towards your wife? What else than this that he should be put in prison or tortured with painful torment?” Then a helper of the husband said if the shirt was ripped from the front, then Prophet Yusuf was running at her and she was trying to dodge him. If the shirt was ripped from the back, then he was trying to run away while she was pulling his shirt. The husband said that the helper was right and the women was wrong. One day the wife took all the town's women for a pep talk about what happened. She was telling them that you get tempted to do that when you see him. The wife brought Prophet Yusuf in the group and all the women cut their hands with knives when they saw him. So, the women said that they should imprison him so that the women would not get attracted to him. So, he was imprisoned and he said, “Jail is better for me from what these women are calling me for.”

When Prophet Yusuf was in prison, Allah (SWT) gave him the gift of interpreting dreams. While in prison, two prisoners joined him in the cell. One day the two prisoners had dreams, one man said he dreamt that he was pressing grapes into wine and the other one said that he was carrying loafs of bread on his head and birds were eating from it. They both asked Prophet Yusuf to interpret the dream for them. Prophet Yusuf said that he will interpret the dreams only if they believe in Allah. The prisoners believed in Allah and Prophet Yusuf interpreted the dreams. One dream meant that the first prisoner is going to serve the king wine, and the other prisoner is going to be crucified and birds will eat from his head. And that's exactly what happened. Prophet Yusuf told the man who will serve the king to mention him to the king so he can be released from jail. But Shaytan made him forget the request and Prophet Yusuf stayed in prison for several more years.

One day, the king had a dream that seven fat cows were being eaten by seven lean cows and seven green ears of corn, and seven withered ones. He was very disturbed and confused in mind because of these dreams. So he announced it throughout the whole land of Egypt, and called upon all the wise men, and magicians of the land to interpret his dreams but nobody could. Then the prisoner who was working for the king remembered that Prophet Yusuf told him to mention him to the king. So he told the king about Prophet Yusuf and how he can interpret dreams. Then they brought Prophet Yusuf and he interpreted the dream. He said, "You will cultivate land for seven consecutive years as usual. During this period thrash out of the harvest you reap only that much grain that might suffice for your food and leave the rest in the ears. Then, after this, there shall come upon you seven hard years. Then you will eat up all that corn you might have kept for that period except that you will have reserved in the store. After that will come another year in which there will be abundant rainfall in answer to the prayer of the people and they will press juice and oil.” Prophet Yusuf also told the king how to preserve and reserve grain during the first seven years of wealth and prosperity and for the following seven years of famine.

Then king had such a high opinion of Prophet Yusuf and safely trusted him with the highest responsibility of the country. He made Prophet Yousef in control of the resources of the country. Prophet Yusuf became a powerful leader and started to enforce the Commandments of Allah and established truth and justice, He did not make this demand for the love of the kingdom nor for worldly desires and ambitions, he did that because he knew that there was no one else who could perform that work.

During the first seven years of his reign, there was a great amount of corn as he had predicted while interpreting the dream of the king. Accordingly he adopted all the measures he had put before the king concerning the years of plenty. Then the seven years of scarcity began and famine reigned not only over Egypt but all over other close countries. Accordingly, Syria, Palestine, Jordan and the Northern part of Arabia began to suffer from the lack of food, but there was plenty of it in Egypt in spite of the famine because of the wise steps Prophet Yusuf had taken as a safeguard.

One day during the years of scarcity, Prophet Yusuf's brothers came to the town of Prophet Yusuf to buy food. Prophet Yusuf had recognized them but they did not recognize him. When he had given them the provisions due to them and as they were leaving, he said, "Bring your step brother to me. Do you not see that I give full measure and am the best of hosts? But if you do not bring him to me you shall have no grain from me: nay you should not even come near me." They replied "We will try our very best to persuade his father to send him with us. This we will surely do." Then Prophet Yusuf told his slaves to secretly put back goods that they used to pay for the food back in the brothers' bags so that when they see them they would come back for more and with their step-brother. When the brothers went back to their father they told him that they needed to take their step-brother with them the next time they go or they will not get any food. When they opened their saddle-bags they found that their merchandise that they used to pay for the food had also been returned to them. Seeing this, they cried with joy, "Dear father, look here! What more do we desire? Here is our merchandise returned to us. Therefore we will go back and bring provisions of food for our family; we will take good care of our brother and obtain an extra camel load of corn. Such an addition will be made easily." Their father replied, "I will never send him with you until you give me a pledge in Allah's name that you shall bring him back to me unless it be that you are rendered helpless by circumstances." When they had given him their solemn pledges he said, "Note it well that Allah is guarding and watching over this pledge of ours.”

When they went back Prophet Yusuf with their step-brother, Prophet Yusuf asked to talk in private to his brother to tell him that he was his brother. While Prophet Yusuf was packing their bags he put the king’s cup in his brother's bag, and while they were leaving a herald shouted at the brothers and called them thieves. The brothers asked what is missing and the royal servants told them that the king's cup is missing and whoever finds it will get a camel load of food. The brothers replied, "By God, you know it well that we have not come for spreading disorder in this country, and we are no thieves." At this, the royal servants said, "Very well, what shall be the punishment of the thief, if you are found to be liars?" They replied, "His punishment should be that he himself be made a bondsman, if the thing is found in his pack. At home we punish such offenders like this. "

Prophet Yusuf started searching the step-brothers' bags first before his brother's bag, then Prophet Yusuf took out the cup from his brother's bag. At this discovery the brothers remarked, "There is nothing strange in it that he has committed a theft, for his brother also committed a theft before this." Hearing this, Prophet Yusuf restrained his feelings and did not reveal the secret to them, but said only this in a low voice, "What a bad people you are! You are accusing me of the thing the truth of which Allah knows best." Then they said, "O exalted sir, he has a very aged father: therefore take one of us in his stead. We see that you are a very generous man." The brothers had to leave their step-brother and go back their father and tell him what happened. He was very sad so he told the brothers to go and search for Prophet Yusuf and his brother.

When they went back to Egypt they told Prophet Yusuf, "Exalted sir! We and our family are in great distress: though we have been able to bring only goods of scant worth for barter, we request you to give us full measure of grain, and be charitable to us for Allah rewards richly those who are charitable." Then Prophet Yusuf asked the brothers, "Do you know what you did with Yusuf and his brother, when you were ignorant?" Then they replied, "Why! Are you indeed Yusuf"? He replied, "Yes, I am Yusuf, and here is my brother. Allah has been very gracious to us. The fact is that Allah does not let go waste the recompense of such righteous people who practice piety and fortitude." The brothers then asked forgiveness from Allah, and Prophet Yusuf told the brothers to take his shirt and put in on their father's face to restore his vision and then to bring all the members of the family back to him. That’s what they did, when the brothers put the shirt on their father's face, his vision was restored and they asked their father to pray to Allah to forgive their sins. Then the family went to Egypt and were happy to see Prophet Yusuf. Prophet Yusuf seated the family and his parents and eleven brothers spontaneously prostrated to him and he told his father that what they did was the interpretation to his dream long time ago. And this was the story of Prophet Yusuf that was told in the Quran.

(12:51) The king questioned the women, saying, "What do you say about the incident when you tried to entice Joseph?" They all cried out with one voice, "God protect us! we found no tinge of evil in him. " Then the wife of Al-`Aziz also confessed, "Now that the truth has come to light, it was I who tried to entice him. In fact, he is absolutley in the right. "
Ayah 1-5
Ayah 6-10
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