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Live in other Planets

No description

Vincent Liu

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Live in other Planets

Live in other Planets
Well, Let's find out
3rd Choice
What are the things we need to live on any planets?
Basic: Obviously air, water and sunlight
but we need earth soil to grow more herbs to survive.
Why we Have to move?
Because of the earth is no longer in the save zone anymore, sun is getting hotter and hotter
Do we ever have a Chance to live on another planet?
Choice 1
Is that possible?
No, you can't live on Mercury. First of all, there's no water and no air to breathe - not even poisonous air. Mercury is missing something called an atmosphere. You can think of an atmosphere as a protective shield of stuff (like gasses) that surrounds a planet. The reason that Mercury doesn't have an atmosphere is that it's just not massive enough - not big enough to have a gravity strong enough to hold gasses close to it. (Just check out how much you would weigh there to get an idea about the gravity thing.)

2nd Choice
The main reason we cannot live on Venus is because of the temperature. Temperatures range from 900F+/- 50F (about 500°C +/- 32°C) at the surface. Another reason is the gases on Venus. Its atmosphere has carbon dioxide (95%), nitrogen, sulfuric acid, and traces of other elements. It's not an oxygenated and life sustaining planet.
Possible to live on Venus?
Is that Possible??
Well, Mars is the only planet that scientists have discovered that can live human, it can allow 200,000 people to permanetly live on it.
But we need some earth features as well
This one is further away...
Is that Possible?
We cannot live on Jupiter because it is a violent planet that has really severe storms and no solid surface. In addition, it is very cold on Jupiter and human beings and animals can hardly survive there.
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