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This is about Missouri

Benjamin Linehan

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Missouri

Missouri Map of Missouri Symbols of Missouri Here are some facts about Missouri. Missouri was the 24th state to become part of the United States. The state song is the "Missouri Waltz." Here are some animals of Missouri. Paddlefish,honeybee,mule. Here are some important facts about Missouri's history.

Missouri's flag was designd on March 22, 1913.

Construction of the Arch was started on Februrary 12, 1963

In 1750 St. Genevieve was established as a trading post which was the first permanent white setalment. Here are some famous Missourians.

William clark: Went on an expedition with Meriwether Lewis.

Jesse James: Was a notorious outlaw. Who was born at Kearney (wich was also the location of his home and grave site) died in 1882.

John J. Pershing: Was the only American to be named genaral of the armies.

Harry S Truman: Was born in 1884 and served as the 33rd president.

Walt Disney: Was a well known creator of animated films.

land regions of Missouri. Here are Missouri's resources

Coal,clay,iron ore,lead,limestone,marble,natural gas,oil,silver,zinc Here are the names of the Governor and Lt Governor
Jay Nixon

Peter Kinder Sources

Google imiges,Missouri packet,Missouri book,Google.
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