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July 2016 Addendum

No description

CM Deezy

on 29 July 2016

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Transcript of July 2016 Addendum

Cambridge Examiner Training
21st Century Digital Boys and Girls
Dress Code Police-- while you are teaching....
Any questions?
Teachers' Meeting
Addendum-- July 2016
One of the main challenges of 21C learning = streamlining lessons
You can start getting in the mind-set and practices now, by
Email sent this week, please sign-up
From 2017, all YLs will sit real Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, and PET at end of course.
Examining done by trained ILA teachers, paid at teaching rate
Great for CV and chance for extra income world-wide
If you leave us now, you'll take away the biggest part of me...
Upcoming changes to Professional Development and Observations
Oooh oooh, teacher please don't go
We are asking 60 days' notice if you need to leave ILA
We generally try to firm up your intentions and possible offer of renewed contract, about 90 days before contract ends
This is required due to time it takes to recruit replacement teaches, and get them trained on the two week ILAYL
Need to have time for book work, time for projects
Starting all lessons on time.
Keeping your warmers to 10 min
Avoiding games / activities that are "one at a time"
Getting to a productive task / freer practice, before break time
Excellent peer support
Seeing lots of you going out of your way to help each other
This list not all-inclusive, but some to mention are Mark, Jason, Spencer, Paul, Donna...and everyone else!
Remember to get your PD credit for this
Isaac, Martin, and I are paid to help :) So don't hesitate to use us
The scheduling tight-rope
New Ts on 78 hour contract
Includes Sarah, Michael, Vera, Jimmy, Adrian and any new arrivals
They need 5 classes to meet requirement
Ts on old contract need 4 classes plus a couple cover lessons
This may result in Ts on old contract losing a class to T on new contact
Teachers will have a Professional Development Plan throughout the year
Plan will be established around 3 months into contract, leaving more time in year to accomplish goals
Closer support and monitoring of your goals
Observations-- new feedback form soon, simplified, removes the numerical score
TBD how/when will be implemented with current Ts
Jeans / denim?
When not teaching, above are OK. Shorts and flip-flops = never OK.
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