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July 2017 HCM9 T meeting

No description

CM Deezy

on 29 July 2017

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Transcript of July 2017 HCM9 T meeting

Your issues?
Government School Season Beckons
Dress Code Police-- while you are teaching....
National Holiday Sat 2nd Sept
Teachers' Meeting
July 2017
Thank you, summer school teachers!
PDP Reminder
Season is almost over. Great work!
Big thanks to those who are still going strong: Ollie/Will, Peter, all done next week!
Teachers will have a Professional Development Plan throughout the year
Plan will be established around 3 months into contract, leaving more time in year to accomplish goals, set new ones.
Closer support and monitoring of your goals. Casual catch-up for now, maybe more formalized system later.
Jeans / denim?
When not teaching, above are OK. Shorts and flip-flops = never OK.
Becky, Jesse, Will, Ollie, Briar, Bianca, Tom, Peter, Darren...That's almost all of you! Thanks!
Student and parent feedback has been positive. Your feedback is welcome, too.
Sign-up and general info was emailed on 8th July
School contracts are pending
Should be a post-summer school party / social event, TBC.
Keeping up with class admin
More flexibility (PD is more than just workshops)
Khong phai!
Casual footwear?
Vietnamese Independence Day / National Day
School closed. Paid holiday for teachers!
Material meant to be covered on this day must still be taught on other days
Get in any AL requests for surrounding days soon (limited openings for Sun 3rd Sept)
Enjoy the holiday!
Shared Resources on Wiki
Phase 1: You make something good.
Phase 2: TCs collect it, polish it, and organize into common folder.
Phase 3: Profit!
HCM9 and HCM23
New IELTs Program
Adds a "Foundation" level for lower-level students
Increases the length of the entire program significantly, leading to more improvement, less daunting course pace
Adds a "pro" level consisting mainly of practice tests
Significant portion is taught 50/50 expat teacher and Vietnamese teacher
AM and TC Schedule
Thanks for patience with Alex's changing schedule. He's been shaping HCM23 properly for our arrival.
Chris to spend extra time at HCM3 first two weeks of Aug, as TC is on AL.
Possible schedule change for Chris from Aug: Tues, Wed, 1/2 every Sat at HCM9, Thurs, Fri, 1/2 every Sat, at HCM3. Will be posted and emailed when confirmed.
Inconvenient Surprises
Late notice of a class opening (or not)
Student joining or observing class with no notice
Inform Chris and Alex of any cases
Misc. reminders
TSC tidiness: please clear baskets
General parent feedback: pron, error correction/accuracy, revision, writing practice
Your issues / feedback

Nothing's official
But it's "likely enough" to talk about
Likely start moving classes from late Aug thru Sept
Eventually all HCM9 classes at HCM23, HCM 9 shuts down
You stay with your class when it moves
Not expected to make unrealistic trips back and forth centers
Lovely building, wonderful rooftop chill-out area
128 Tran Nao Street, D2, 10 min from HCM9.
Think of one thing you're proud of (about yourself), or a challenge you've met
Think of the same, for a colleague
Heavy work schedule
Helped someone
Breakthrough with a student
Taught a new level
Awesome lesson
Student(s) improved
Arranged a social event
Peer observation
Now share and feel the love :)
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