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Multimedia Artist and animator

No description

Palmer Middlesch

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Multimedia Artist and animator

Multimedia Artist and animator
By:imani samuels
How to become one?
Multimedia artist need a Bachelors Degree. When in college people usually study in computer graphics, fine art, and animation. You have to have a good portfolio.
How much do we get paid?
Multimedia Artist can get paid 63,630 A year.
Similar Ocupations
*Art directors
*Graphic Designers
*CraFT AND fine artist
*web devolpers
What do they do?
When doing this job, You have to learn how to do Three-Demintional figures , models , animation, Tv , and movies.
You can earn up to....
You can earn up to 112,030.
Job outlook.....
Employments to Multimedia grew 6 percent in 2014-2024. These growths will increse the A
Work envirment?
Multimediaz artist have employed as ....
motion picture and video industies.
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