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marwasahar01@hotmail.com sahar

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of SYRIA


Energy use:
On April 17, 1946 Syria gained independence from France.
But in 1958 Syria and Egypt decided to become the same country and both country form the United Arab Republic.

climate :
State of Infrastructure
|The two countries in September 1961 separated and once again Syrian Arab Republic was reestablished.
In November 1970, a member of socialist Ba’ath party Hafiz al-Assad became the prime minister of Syria by bloodless coup and after independence of Syria he was the one who brought political stability to the country.

On June 10, 2000 President Hafiz al-Assad died and his son Bashar al-Assad was selected as the president of Syria by popular referendum in July 2000.

The The war started between government and rebels. The rebels stood up for greater freedom and democracy and they were extremely supported by the foreign countries (south Arabia and America) and the government was also supported by their own closest allies (China, Iran and Russia).
But when in August 2013 the chemical attacks were used in the capital city of Syria Damascus, it caused a strong reaction from America, France, and Britain.
Before 2011 Syria was a stable and peaceful country, but unexpectedly the unrest situation in the Syria began in March 2011.
After the effects of these weapons there were long discussion came out from all over the world that what they should do for Syrian people.
In September 2013 Union Nation inspectors Carla del ponte confirmed that chemical weapons had been used in Syria, and also she found out that the rebels also used the chemical weapons.
Syria’s economy due to the ongoing conflict getting worse. Their economy further contracted in 2013 due to international sanctions, widespread infrastructure damage.

The Syrian government found out the effects of economic decline which include decreasing of foreign exchange reserves, rising budget, trade deficits and decreasing the value of Syrian pound.
GDP: 73.67 billion USD (2012)
GNP: 1384 dollars per capitia

Syria’s energy sector is in trouble due to the ongoing conflict between government and rebels.

2. Since 2011 Syria’s oil production dropped dramatically. Production and exports of oil have dropped to nearly zero and now the country is having difficulties in importing refined petroleum products.
3. According to estimates from U.S energy information administration Syria’s dry natural gas production fell to less than 200 billion cubic feet.
. According to a press report now currently Syria stopped importing natural gas from Egypt.
5. Syria’s electricity infrastructure which involves power plants, substations, and transmission lines were the common target of damage
6. Between 2008 and 2010 the average oil production of Syria was 400,000 barrels per day, but in 2014 it is less than 25,000 barrels per day.


Machinery and transport equipment, electric power machinery
food and livestock
metal and metal products
chemicals and chemical products, plastics, yarn, paper.
South Arabia
United Arab Emarat
crude oil
petroluem products
fruits and vegetables
cotton fiber
meat and live animal

Iraq 58.4%, Saudi Arabia 9.7%, Kuwait 6.4%,
UAE 5.5%,
Libya 4.1%
Because of the war in syria the infrastructure going down start in protests against to Bashar al-Assad that kill more than 60,000 people and the destruction of eeconomy and left 2.5 million of people hungry.

And reduction food and agriculture and production and wheat and barely in syria have dropped to one one million tons in 2012 to four million tons in normal years.
Due to conflict Syria's infrastructure and irrigation systems has been destroyed

The insecurity and fuel shortages were making it harder for farmers to harvest crop.
Education in Syria

The current state of education in Syria is going down because of the conflict.At least 3,465 schools have been destroyed and many children can't go because of poverty.
Syria has now the second worst rate of school attendance in the world because 2.8 million children out of school

Syrian refugee children in neighbouring countries are abusing, bullying, corporal punishment and marginalization
Age Structure
0-14 years: 33.1% (male3, 046,922/ female2, 898,060)

15-24 years: 20.2% (male 1,833,802/ female 1,789,854)

25-54% years: 37.9% (male 3,406,744/female 3,396,756)

55-64%years: 4.8% (male 429,644/female 440,980)

65 years and over: 3.9% (male 320,946/female 387,931)

Population growth: -9.37

Birth rate: 22.76 births/1,000 population

Mother’s mean age at first birth: 20

Infant mortality: 14.63%

Death rate: 6.51 deaths/1,000 population

Total: 15.79 deaths/1,000 live births

Male: 18.14 deaths/1,000 live births

Female: 13.31 deaths/1,000 live births

Life expectency: 68.41 years
Life and Age
information on health sector
people in Syria cannot go in hospital or where there children sick too they can't find for them the Medications. Syria health not like before.
Fewer than 500 people have AIDS and less than 0.1 died a
Election Structure:
President elections were held in Syria on 3 june 2014.
Bashar al-Assad: 10,319,723 people percentage
Hassan al-Nouri: 500,279 people percentage

Maher Hajjar: 372,301 people percentage
From left to right:
Hassan al-Nouri
Bahar al-Assad
Maher Hajjar
Education expenditure:
5.1% GDP
Literacy rates
Age 15 and over can read and write
Total population: 84.1%
Male: 90.3%
Female: 77.7%
Child labor

Total number 192,915 percentage: 4%
Current internationl disputes
America, south Arabia, Israel and Britain
Refugees live situation:

Refugees facing many difficulties
They are now leaving syria.
Iraqi refugee 146,200 and Palestinian 517,255
Many refugees moving to different country like other Syrian people.
3 million Syrian have fled to different countries.
6.5 million displaced within Syria
mijority of Syrian people moved to Turkey, Lebnon, Jordan and Iraq.
In the same year Russia suggested a solution that can avoid another conflict and that was the Syrian government should destroy their all chemical weapons so it can never again be used.
Trafficking information
Dubai police believe drug traffickers are targeting Syria to take advantages due to the lack of security. "Drug traffickers always try to invent new routes to escape the grasp of law enforcement authorities... Syria is in a very suitable condition for them," Major General Abdul Jalil Al Mahdi, the director of the anti-narcotics department at Dubai Police.
Story of flag
When Syria separated from Egypt, Syria changed their flag. But when Hafiz al-Assad became the president he chose again the old flag for Syria . It represents

pan-Arab strength.


Displaced Syrian families need shelter, food, clothing and other basic supplies.
They need money to support their family. Without educated and safe children, it will be very difficult for Syria to recover.
IF a wealthy country donate money to the:

Syrian refugee, than they will used it for their basic needs like shelter, food and clothing etc.

IF wealthy country donate money for Syrian government than they will use it in the areas where the government has control on it
they use it in military against their enemies or use it for the Economy of Syria.
Syrian Children
political pressure groups
Syrian Muslim Brotherhood:
Muhammad Riyad al-SHAQFAH

National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces: Al-Asi- al-JARBA

There are also hundreds of local groups that organize protests and stage armed attacks

several previous; latest issued 15 February 2012, passed by referendum 26 February 2012 (2013)


the red color represents the blood of the invaders
the black stands for mourning the martyrs who defended Syria.
the two green stars represent Syria and Egypt when unified in the Arab republic which lasted form 1958-1961.
The White Color represents peace.
Male: 61.4 years
Female: 75.84 years

And also due to the ongoing conflict in Syria; hundreds of thousands of Syrians, foreign migrant workers, and refugees have fled the country and are helpless to human trafficking and the government of Syria doesn’t have any plan against trafficking.
1 article
: The Syrian Arab Republic is a democratic state with full sovereignty. The people of Syria are part of the Arab nation.
2 article
: The system of governance in the state shall be a republican system; The People shall exercise their sovereignty within the aspects and limits prescribed in the Constitution.
3 article
: The religion of the President of the Republic is Islam; The State shall respect all religions.
4 article
: The official language of the state is Arabic. Article 5: The capital of the state is Damascus.
Article 6:
The flag of the Syrian Arab Republic consists of three colors: red, white and black, in addition to two stars, each with five heads of green color.
Article 7:
The president should take care of individual freedoms and be honest in his work.
Article 8:
The political system of the state shall be based on the principle of political pluralism, and exercising power democratically through the ballot box and there are 157 other articals.
Syria, Lebenon and Jordon all countries have claimed about Shab'a Farms in the Golan Heights. they dont have any specific border and it started from 1964.
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