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Fair Hill Racetrack

No description

Michael McCord

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Fair Hill Racetrack

Quotation 1
Cool Fact about Fair Hill
Didn't Finish. . . .
Headline 4
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
No. 15
Historical Events
Headline 5
Fair Hill Racetrack
What historical event inspired change in Cecil County and how has it impacted citizens today?
Fair Hill Racetrack has 350 acres of land for horse racing and for shelters for the horses. Fair Hill is made specially for horses because it’s made up of dirt and they have to water it every morning to keep it’s moisture. They have four ponds that are in site so the horses can find them and reach them easily without help.
Fair Hill Racetrack has inspired many people to come out and see what there up to like horse racing and they have to have enough acre’s because they have 18 barns and 490 stalls which is a lot. They have to have a Professional Gate Crew so its stable and they have On-Site Veterinarians to take care or the horses.They made this track so horses can perform at there very best because they’re top athletes in racing each other. The trainers will train in zero degrees cause no matter what weather it is; the track is still fully functional. Fair Hill is known for horse racing.
By: Michael McCord
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