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The Financial Detective

No description

alisha johnson

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of The Financial Detective

The Financial Detective
Health Products
Company C
National Brewer for Mass Market
Company E
Mail Order Sales & Built-to-order PC's
Books & Music
Company G
Online Sales
Paper Products
Hardware & Tools
Company K
Global Manufacturer of Power Tools
Company M
National Advertised General Merchandise
Alisha Johnson
Kelsey Johnson
Yuan Liao
Quan Vi Le
Company B
Largest Prescription Pharmaceuticals
High Accounts Receivable
High Accounts Payable
High Inventory Turnover
Low Intangible Assets
Higher Ad expense - larger customer base
Company A
Diversified Health Products Company
High Intangible Assets
High Investment
Company D
Seasonal & Year Round Beers
Invests in other companies
High COGS for networking
Higher inventory - sells through retail
Conservative company
Zero dividend
Zero Total Debt/Asset
High Gross Profit
Company F
Highly Differentiable & Proprietary Software Products
Sells via website
High Accounts Payable
High Advances
Charismatic Leader
High Price to Book
High SG&A
High Profit
Company H
Retail Store Presence
Low Fixed Assets
High Long Term Liabilities
Leader in Traditional Retail
High Fixed Assets
High Inventories
High Receivable Turnover
Company I
Largest Paper, Paperboard, & Packaging Co.
Company J
Printing, Writing, & Technical Specialty Paper
High Profit
High Dividend
Under Branded Label
Lower Intangible Assets
Company L
High Quality Precision Tools
Sales using retailer
Low SG&A
High Long Term Debt
High Investment
High Gross Profit
Company N
Chain of Upscale Discount Stores
Low price - Volume Strategy
High Receivable Turnover
High Receivable
Company O
Small Midwest/Southwest Locations
Company P
National Diversified Media Company
High Intangible Assets
Low SG&A
High Fixed Assets
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