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The Plague

No description

Aaron Shaju

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of The Plague

The Plague - By Aaron Shaju
When did this disaster happen?
This disaster happened in the middle ages.It was in 1965-1966 (England). It started when there was not hi- technology so they did not know what started it.
What was the plague?
The Plague was a infectious disease, that could be spread in the air , direct contact or infected undercooked food. There are three different types of plague : the bubonic plague ; septicemic plague ; and pneumonic plague .
How did the plague get to England?
The plague got to England by rats - The black rats were on merchant ships ( from other European countries ) that were trading goods.The rats had the plague and spread it on to poor peasants which then was spread continually. The death rate was very high. Unfortunately , the people didn't know about what caused the plague.
Good and bad things about the plague

The good things:Peasants gained more money,because lots of servants died;Peasants had freedom

The bad things:It destroyed the feudal system;Entire families were wiped out ; it killed at least 1/3 of Europe's population
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