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Untitled Prezi

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Laural Niedbala

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How Prezi helps? Prezi's word procession function can help students with fine motor difficulties and reduces messy work.

Prezi's spell checking functions helps reduce spelling difficulties.

Cut and paste features allow students to manipulate text when editing to save time and effort.

Students can create thought webs or cognitive maps that emphasize relationships between ideas or use one of the numerous templates already prepared and organized so that all they have to do is fill in the information in the appropriate area.

Students can see an outline of the topics and subtopics of their writing and can easily manipulate and reorganize the text at any time, allowing them freedom to express their ideas.
Why Prezi? Prezi is a presentation tool that can help students organize and share their ideas.

Prezi can help increase motivation in students with special needs in writing.

Prezi provides a unique learning experience for students.

Prezi provides students with functional skills such as keyboarding and computer skills.

Prezi can be integrated into school activities such as writing or used as a presentation tool for culminating tasks.

Prezi can be used independently by students or for small or large group work.

Prezi's software enables planning and organization and spell check to support students with special needs in writing

Prezi Assistive technology for
the classroom that is fun for everyone. Student Use As with any type of software teachers will need to provide students with instruction on how to use the software and monitor the ways students use it. If not, students might spend more time playing with Prezi rather then using it for organization or presentations.

Students work independently using their own Prezi account provided by the teacher, or students can work in small groups and access their Prezi through multiple computers and work simultaneously.

Once the Prezi basics have been taught to students, students should be given the opportunity to explore the program and the different templates and functions it offers to gain mastery of the software and develop a level of independence.

Accessibility Prezi is a free program for teachers and students
Can be accessed on computers, laptops, and Ipads with internet capabilities.
Students can access their Prezi account from their home computers.
Prezi offers students the opportunity to continue to work on their prezis from the comfort of their own homes.
The Prezi Meeting function allows students to collaborate and work in groups to create a presentation or graphic organizers.
Prezi allows you to edit, create and present prezis in real time on one shared canvas.
Prezi is easy to access.
Students log in to their Prezi account with codes given to them by teachers when they sign up for a student/teacher account. Supports and Training The prezi website offers a "learn and support" tab where you can watch simple tutorials, or more in depth tutorials. The website also allows you to ask questions, search using keywords or read a number of documents to help you get to know, use, and create with Prezi.

Teachers and students also have access to a number of tutorials through the Youtube website and can watch videos showing how students are using Prezi in their classrooms.

Teachers should watch the tutorials and spend time trying out the different functions, and using the support provided, to gain mastery before introducing Prezi to their students. Prezi has an easy to navigate website with tutorials and support Please Let me know what you think! How might Prezi be useful in your classroom?

What challenges does Prezi pose for you personally or professionally?

What questions do you have after viewing this presentation?

Who do you think would benefit from using this type of assistive technology?
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