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Art History Project -Frieda Kahlo

Biography of Frieda Kahlo

Alessandra Boada

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Art History Project -Frieda Kahlo

Double click anywhere & add an idea Early Childhood School Years Accident Born July 6th, 1907 in her family house "The Blue House"
Father- Guillermo Kahlo
Mother- Matilde Caderón
Sisters- Matilde, Adrianna and Cristina

She was 6 years old when she came down with polio, making her bed ridden for months.

Her father still pushed for her to participate in a wide variety of sports from soccer to wrestling to swimming.
When she was fifteen she enrolled at the National Preparatory School in Mexico City.

She became a member of the Young Communist League and the Mexican Communist Party.

Saying that she was born in 1910 instead...

Frida's high school love Alejandro Gómez Arais.

In 1925 they were together ridding a bus when it collided with a street car.

Frida was impaled by a steel handrail.

"The Broken Collum" (painted much later in 1944). The Begining of Diego & Frida Frida met Diego Rivera in 1922 when she was attending school and he was working on his mural "The Creation".

It wasn't until years later that they reconnected and became closer. Diego loved her expressive work saying it was "uniquely Mexican" and encouraged her -which in turn started their firey tumultuous relationship.

Only a year later after reuniting they were married.
Infidelity Frida and Diego were known for having numerous affairs on each other. They didn't live in the same house for the most part, but in joined homes.

"Self Portrait With Cropped Hair" is from when Diego cheated on Frida with her sister Cristina. Above her head it reads "You see, if I loved you it was for your hair -now that you've cut it off I don't love you anymore."

Frida was openly bisexual as well.
Diego's Commissions Diego's "Man at the Crossroads" in the RCA Rockefeller Center in New York City.

But it was found to be too controversial after he painted Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin so he was stopped.

While changing cities for Diego's Commissions Frida appeared and sold in famous galleries as well. Miscarrages Frida wanted more than ever to have a child with Diego.

"Henry Ford Hospital" is a painting that Frida made to tell about one of her worst miscarrages that happened while on tour with Diego.
Short Lived Divorce and Paris In 1939 Frida and Diego got divorced for almost a year.

During this year Frida traveled to Paris. She became friends with Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso.

She painted "The Frame" and the Louvre bought it, making Frida the first 20th century Mexican artist ever to be internationally renown in a museum.

Frida also painted "The Two Fridas". "Self Portrait With Thron Necklace and Hummingbird" Frida's First Solo Exhibition "Dorothy Hale" "My Dress Hangs There" "Self Portrait In A Velvet Dress" When Leon Trotsky Came To Vist One of Frida's most famous Affaris.

He was a Communist who was on the run from Joseph Stalins rule in Russia. Frida and Diego took him and his wife in... not too long after Frida and Leon were rumored to be having an affair. Shortly after this he moved to another part of town and was assassinated there.
Frida returned to Mexico and remarried Diego.

In 1944 she was commisioned by the Mexican government. She didn't finish her project, because of her father's death.

It wasn't until a year before her death Frida finally got her first solo exhibition in Mexico.
Last Public Appereance Just a days before her death she attended the US backed overthrow of President Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala.

She died a week before her 47th birthday.
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