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Chemical reaction of dynamite

No description

Armand Istanboulian

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Chemical reaction of dynamite

how is it implicated in my life?
This chemical reaction is not implicated in my life because it is a very dangerous reactions for somebody that knows little about chemistry such as myself.
Word Equation
Dynamite is made up of four different elements. these elements are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen (C3 H5 N3 O9). The word equation for dynamite is C3H5(NO3)3. The dynamite is soaked in nitroglycerin to keep the dynamite stable
Chemical reaction of dynamite
Is this chemical reaction harmful in society?
yes this chemical reaction is harmful in society because when this chemical reacts, it gives out very hot gas that expand rapidly around it. The chemical can seriously hurt or kill somebody close to it while it is reacting which makes it extremely harmful in the hands of criminals.
By Armand Istanboulian
what is the chemical reaction of dynamite?
dynamite reacts by combustion which means it gives off heat when it reacts. It also means that the reaction is exothermic.
what is the balanced chemical reaction for dynamite?
The balance equation is...

4C3H5N3O9 > 6N2 + 12CO + 10H2O + 7O2
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