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Role of Women During the Han Dynasty

No description

Kath Brown

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Role of Women During the Han Dynasty

Women during the Han Dynasty Confucianism Serve Women with Power Manipulation Excpetion?
Ban Zhao Empress Lu Ban Zhao went against
Confucian philosophy
by writing professionally. Women were considered
inferior to men in Confucian

Predict what you think
were the main roles
for women. Women were expected to attend
to duties at home and be
submissive to their husbands, uncles,
brothers and all men.

They worked hard for their
families with little
reward. Some women did have power...

- those with connections in the
court (political alliances)

- medical practitioners, shop
managers, writers.

Political Power One of Liu Bang's widows.
Ruled for 15 years following his death.

Gained power by killing rivals
and defending herself against threats
to her power. China's first female historian

Helped complete her father's book
"History of the Former Han Dynasty"

Wrote her own book for women
"Lessons for Women" Do you think she is an exception to
the rule for women during the Han
Dynasty? urged women to obey Confucian social order and be industrious.
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