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You are here - Connectivism and Personal Learning Networks

No description

Levi Fletcher

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of You are here - Connectivism and Personal Learning Networks

You have a
You are here.
...are new
But you want that to change.
...alone, and you don't know anything
And your friend isn't just connected to you...
...but to other people as well.
And those people - those connections - are also connected.

Though they aren't the type of connections that you will
day to day, they are connections that will
your day to day.
The connections form a network.

And this is just what you need.
A network of people you can
learn from.

You need a
Personal Learning Network.
That's where this...
...becomes this.

It turns out that you're connected to other people and other networks.
You are
It's through
that you are able to learn all these different things from others far away.

You are able to "store knowledge" in those you are connected to, and access it also. (Siemens).
It's not what you know, but what those that you know, know. You know?
start applying what you've learned. You know experts in your field, those who understand the ins and outs for the specifics of your work.
You get feedback from
and give feedback in return. You go from the general to the specific. People who understand your content and how to critique your work in ways that will bring about improvement - that's who you need.
This is your
Community of Practice
Martindale, Trey, and Michael Dowdy. "Personal Learning Environments." Emerging Technologies in Distance Education. Ed. George Veletsianos. Edmonton: AU, 2010. 177-193. Web. 15 Sept. 2014.

Siemens, George. "Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age." Ingedewaard.net. 1 Apr. 2005. Web. 15 Sept. 2014.

Correia, Ana-Paula, and Niki Davis. "Intersecting Communities of Practice in Distance Education: The Program Team and the Online Course Community." Distance Education 29.3 (2008): 289-306.

Music licensed under Creative Commons.
Artist: children of kids
Track: enhance your days (johnny_ripper remix)
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