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Let's get to know each other final poster

No description

Constantina Voi

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Let's get to know each other final poster

<<Let's get to know each other>> final project Our project concluded with five posters called: Our eTwinning class: We got to know each other! Each poster depicts a school which stands for an eTwinning class cosisting of students from the five partner countries of our project. The Greek school originated the posters; The students drew similar sketches of a school on five
pieces of paper and then they started coloring them! They selected colors of their liking and they chose to make the title colorful to make it more lively! The outcome was so lively and colorful resembling the kids' character and temperament as well as their lively overall involvement in the project! Then the students of all partner countries prepared images of a boy and a girl in traditional costumes who would become the students of our eTwinning class poster!
Then they sent them in to their Greek friends to add them to the poster! The Greek students of our eTwinning class poster. The Greek boy and girl. The Polish students. The Lithuanian students. The Turkish students. The Romanian students. The Greek school gathered the images and the Greek students cut them out and placed them on the poster. Each student from every partner country assumed a special place in our eTwinning class poster! special place in the project
and in each other's heart! Students assumed a Finally, when each student
was represented in the
project, we wrote down
their names! Greek students and teachers! (Many
thanks to Ms Nora Liakopoulou and
Popi Gewrgiou for their assistance.) Polish students and teachers. Lithuanian students and teacher. Turkish students and teacher. Romanian students and teacher. And when the posters were over,
they were sent to all our partners
for their eTwinning school
display! Congratulations to
both students and teachers
for their effective and fruitful
co-operation!!! Teachers: Ms Constantina Voitsiou (Greece),
Ms Melek Gunes (Turkey),
Ms Cristina Vatamanu (Romania), Ms Liuba Vaigauskiene (Lithuania), Anna Mackiewicz (Poland)
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