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No description

Marta Wochnowicz

on 28 May 2016

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Transcript of Seventeen

Real Name: Lee Seung Cheol

Born: 8th August 1995

Position: Leader, Main rapper

Unit: Hip Hop Team ( Leader)

Height: 5''10

Nickname: 17's father

Fun fact: Extra in Nu'est Music
video 'Face'
Jeonghan with
shorter hair
Real Name: Yoon
Jeong Han

Born: 4th October 1995

Position: Main Vocal

Unit: Vocal Team

Height: 5''10

Nickname: Oldest Maknae

Fun fact: Calls himself Angel, because
of his birthday, oct4th 1004, the word for
1004 in korean also means Angel.
Real Name: Hong Ji Soo

Born: 30th December 1995

Position: Main Vocal

Unit: Vocal Team

Height: 5''9 1/2

Nickname: American Hyung

Fun Fact: He graduated from Downtown magnet school LA. Also one of his friends, created an Instagram account and pretended it was Joshua's by posting pictures of him. Lots of fans actually believed it, that was until his friend posted a picture of himself and explained everything.

Real Name: Wen Jun Hui

Born: 10th June 1996

Position: Vocalist Dance

Unit: Performance Team

Height: 5''11

Nickname: Mr Blue earmuffs (don't ask)

Fun Fact: He is Chinese, Knows Wushu
According to Seungkwan, is the mother of
the group.
Was a child actor in China
Loves to sing in Chinese, but gets a little
embarrassed when asked to do it publically.

Real Name: Kwon Soo Young

Born: 15th June 1996

Position: Lead Vocalist
Main Dancer

Unit: Performance Team ( Leader)

Height: 5''10

Nickname: 10:10 O'clock

Fun Fact: Choreographed Adore U and many others
Speaks Japanese(really well) and Chinese (basic)
Idolized SHINee------------------------------------------>

Real Name: Jeon Won Woo

Born: 17th July 1996

Position: Main Rapper

Unit: Hip Hop Team

Height: 6''

Nickname: Mr Beanie, seventeen
since birth

Fun fact: Started off as a singer, but
someone told him that he has a good
voice for rapping, he's been interested
Real Name: Lee
Ji Hoon

Born: 22nd November

Position: Main Vocalist,
Main Dancer

Unit: Vocal Team (Leader)

Height: 5''4

Nickname: Mr Fluorescent

Fun Fact: Composes and writes nearly
all of their songs.
Don't call him cute, he hates
Is a former member of Tempest

Real name: Lee Seok Min

Born: 18th February 1997

Position: Main Vocalist

Unit: Vocal Team

Height: 5''10

Nickname: Mr Hat.

Fun Fact: Last member to join Seventeen.
Voted as the funniest member.
( In my opinion, best voice)
Never really thought about a career in
singing, till his friends at Karaoke told
him that he was good.
Real Name: Kim Min Gyu

Born: 6th April 1997

Position: Main Rapper, Face of the

Unit: Hip Hop Team

Height: 6''2

Nickname: Mr Wristband

Fun Fact: Is Left handed,
voted by the group that his 'face
does not match his personality' as
he may appear cold.
His dream is not ' to be someone
who...' But ' Where ever I am,
Whatever I do, I hope people will
like me'
Real name: Xu Ming Hao

Born: 7th November 1997

Position: Vocalist, Dancer

Unit: Performance Team

Height: 5'9

Nickname:Little 8

Fun Fact: He is Chinese.
Practiced Wushu since he was 5
won first place at national children's
martial arts competition.
He loves b-boying and has been doing it
for 6 years.
Real Name: Boo Seung Kwan

Born: 16th January 1998

Position: Main Vocalist

Unit: Vocal Team

Height: 5''8 1/2

Nickname: MC Boo

Fun Fact: Hates Aegyo
His biggest fear is not getting any attention
at all. Is actually from Jeju, a little island at
the south of korea.
Real Name: Hansol
Vernon Chwe

Born: 18th February 1998

Position: Lead Rapper, Main

Unit: Hip Hop Team

Height 5''9

Nickname: Mr Headphones, 4D

Fun Fact: He is half American (Mum)
half Korean (Dad). Moved to Korea
from New York when he was 5.
Loves his younger sister Sofia more than
anything else in the world.
Voted as the shyest member, Is extremely
ticklish and gets scared easily.
He is my favorite member.
Real Name: Lee Chan

Born: 11th February 1999

Position: Main dancer, Rapper,

Unit: Performance Team

Height: 5''7

Nickname: Lee Dino

Fun Fact: Adores Micheal Jackson
Is envious of Mingyu's height ( but he still has time
to grow)
Views himself as a little giant.
Both his parents are dancers.
Made the choreo for the song Jam Jam

13 members
3 Uints
1 Team
Past members




17 Tv
Season 1 ( early) 2013 - 17
Season 2 2013- 15
Season 3 2014- 15 ( alternated)
Big debut project 2015- Current 13
17 Carat
Shining Diamond-

Song about being under pressure because of the debut being pushed back and working hard to become that shining diamond.

Yeah I know I’m only 17, I only got a few dollars
But it doesn’t matter at all, it’d be no problem
I already went through all the time and pressure
So look carefully, I’m that diamond
17 Carat
Boys Be
2nd Album-------->
Full transcript