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University of Oregon

No description


on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of University of Oregon

University of Oregon
What is the collage known for
My collage is known for its wonderful footbal season in 2010 and 2013. Its also known for its fan gear. University of Oregon is sponserd by nike. So there fan gear and uniforms are populer to there students
The University of oregon mascot is the duck. He is based on the disney charecter Donald duck. He wears a green and yellow costum with a green beeni cap
The tuition of uo is if you want to be a resident there you have to pay 3,730$ to live there if you dont want to live there you pay a fee of 12,768$.
Why Do i want to go to this university
I wanna go to this university because it is known for sports and i love sports and i like learn new things
When was it founded
It was founded in 1876 and graduated into first class two years later it is classafie as a very high reserch university
how big are the dorms
They are pretty big there are two pepole who live in there they are room mates. you can fit two refidarators and a stove and two beds.
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