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Removing Barriers: Recruitment and Retention of Generation Y in the Public Sector

Certified Public Manager Cohort 14

ashley jared

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of Removing Barriers: Recruitment and Retention of Generation Y in the Public Sector


Ilona Avery, Treatment Services Director, Department of Human Services
Emily Collins, Executive Administrative Assistant, Des Moines City Manager's Office
Jason Connolly, Second Deputy, Polk County Recorder
Jessica Holmes, Administrator, Iowa Department of Revenue
Ashley Jared, Communications Director, Iowa Finance Authority
Cory Oelberg, Enterprise Hosting Services Technologist, Iowa Department of Administrative Services GENERATION Y IN IOWA EXECUTIVE BRANCH

FY 2010 18,444 Employees
8% Gen. Y Employees BENEFITS

1.6% Gen. Y Employees
(5 Employees) Will lose 30-40% of workforce in next 5-10 years

- Office of Employment
Create effective attraction & recruitment strategies
Improve current workforce practices to retain millennial group
Address current barriers for advancement of young professionals with a formal mentorship program AN EVOLUTIONARY PERSPECTIVE

Also known as the Millennial Generation
Born: 1982-1991
Age: 18-30 MODELS OF MANAGEMENT Reflect societal values in their time
Evolve with new attitudes and beliefs THE INTERNAL PROCESS MODEL Max Weber, Henri Fayol; 1900-1925
Need for efficient administrative system; hierarchical arrangement
Emphasis on creating structured processes, clearly defined roles and resposibilities
Focused on reductionism, determinism and equilibrium as core principles THE HUMAN RELATIONS MODEL Fredrick Hertzberg, Dave McCelland; 1926-1950
Need for employee satisfaction; participative management style
Emphasis on commitment, cohesion and morale
Focused on team oriented climate characterized by deep involvement Organizational Climate Manager's Focus & Function Rewards RECRUITING GENERATION Y The Des Moines Metro is the best city in the nation for young professionals - Forbes magazine Iowa Department of Administrative Services (Based in Des Moines) 1.6% of workforce are Generation Y How do we encourage further Generation Y employment within the public sector? RECRUIT: SOCIAL MEDIA Every Fortune 500 company has jumped on our bandwagon in order to stay fresh and pertinent in the minds of their audience by creating corporate facebook pages, twitter feeds and regularly updated blogs.
- Hershatter and Epstein SOLUTION Have a presence on social media that is diligent and relevant
Where is my audience? (Tools to use)
How often does my audience interact with these respective sites?
What is the message and how does it need to be tailored to the audience?
What sites or other social mediums are my competitors (public and private) using?
Measure the success of social marketing: Google Analytics
Benchmark on the # of Generation Y applicants and/or hires
- Social Media: 9 Tips for Recruiting RECOMMENDATION HIGHLIGHTS GENERATION Y BABY BOOMER Hierarchial Collaborative Technical Experts Personal Growth Decision-Making Structure & Accountability Participative, Deep Involvement Title recognition, status, paycheck Meaningful Work UNDERSTANDING GENERATIONAL DIFFERENCES BASIC PREMISES Baby Boomers are most comfortable with the Internal Process Model for organizational management.
Baby Boomers are leading the organizational culture of Iowa's executive branches of government.
Internal Process Model is reflected in current practices for hiring, recruitment and advancement.
The Internal Process Model is not WRONG, but inadequate in meeting the needs of the emerging Generation Y workforce. CRISIS ON THE HORIZON? Need to make changes today in preparation for the mass exodus of the Baby Boomer generation.
Generation Y is not here to fill the gap. According to a study conducted by the State of North Carolina, state government can attract young people through tuition assistance, wellness incentives, employee discounts and continuous developmental opportunities.
Health care with no deductable or premium
$1,500 in dental care
Basic life insurance
Flex spending
Wellness program
Development opportunities Establish and market an orientation program
Provide information on the benefits package upon recruitment
Upon hire, the employee should be provided with more details and how to best use the benefits.
A follow-up meeting should occur after two weeks of orientation so that benefits selection can be tailored to the new hire. STATE OF IOWA SOLUTION RECRUIT: CAREER FAIRS Matt Behrens, Iowa Department of Administrative Services

Introduce the public sector to Generation Y Josh Ingalls, Principal Financial Group The importance of building relationships and aligning values. A connection with the career fair representative is vital. Josh Ingalls, Principal Financial Group SOLUTION Presence should be established at college career fairs, or DAS should establish their own.
Align the values, goals and mission of the organization with the students.
Young, knowledgeable and energized State employees should recruit. The State is offering approximately 20 paid internships a year - workforce of 18,444.
Internships are becoming a requirement for graduation.
The internship satisfies experience requirements and there are options for advancement. Mary Bontrager
Executive Vice President
Greater Des Moines Partnership InternNE Program - regular economic incentive initiatives
Provide short-term unpaid internships for college credit, allow students to work on special projects and grants MAKING THE CASE - CURRENT PROCESS



Current Department of Administrative Services (DAS) hiring process: •Determine what competencies are needed and what classification is appropriate for the position.
•Determine where it would be best to recruit for the competencies needed and post the position.
•Write a resume scoring tool and screen the resumes against the competencies listed on the job description.
•Interview candidates and determine which candidate is the best for the position.
•Conduct background and reference checks on candidate.
•Make a job offer.
The more years of experience and/or education = higher classification and pay. Online Survey:
350 DAS employees
156 respondents
12 Generation Y employees
"It's very frustrating to struggle for months to get a tiny promotion and keep getting denied. I know I could go elsewhere in the private sector, but I love my job. I just wish other people saw that the work I do is at a higher level. Not getting a promotion makes me want to look elsewhere."

Provide a quality work space that we can be proud of. Supervisor's support of professional development is vital. Flexible scheduling is important. GENERATION Y - WHAT THEY NEED Aaron Todd
Center on Sustainable Communities
Executive Director Aaron Todd
Center on Sustainable Communities
Executive Director Josh Ingalls
Principal Financial
Group Campus & Leadership Development Program Manager OPPORTUNITY SOLUTION INTERNSHIPS = EXPERIENCE BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS The importance of work/life balance Mentorship and professional development Matt Behrens
Department of Administrative Services Matt Behrens
Department of Administrative Services RECOMMENDATIONS: RECRUIT & RETAIN GENERATION Y IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR How many times have you explored a promotional opportunity, but discovered that you were not qualified based solely on the years of experience requirement?
7% of all respondents: At least once.
24% of Generation Y respondents at least once

“I was actually two weeks short of the two years’ experience needed on one of the jobs that I applied for and would have had the two years by the time that they interviewed, but I was denied.”

Orientation program
Tuition Reimbursement
Flexible scheduling
Mentorship program Recommendation:
Mentorship Program participation = 1 year of state employment
Pilot projects

Mentor Roles and Responsibilities
Protegee Roles and Responsibilities
Mentoring Agreement
Template for points of discussion
Template mentoring monthly activities
Ending the mentorship relationship MENTOR PROGRAM TOOLKIT APPENDICES Roles and Responsibilities
Mentoring Agreement
Evaluations A CLOSER LOOK "I think they should be encouraging people to apply. Sometimes you don't even know a position is open until it's too late. I'm sure many people don't know they are qualified. It's probably the person's fault for not researching farther, but I still don't think the State encourages you to apply for other opportunities."

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