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Creating Motivating Volunteer Positions

Administration Practices

trish duncan

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Creating Motivating Volunteer Positions

Value, Recognition
& Appreciation

A motivating volunteer program will share achievements and success of the organization, and highlight how the volunteer's contribution made a difference.
Image by Tom Mooring
Although these 4 characteristics take time and effort to organize they provide incredible rewarding motivation!
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"If you want to build a ship, don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."
Organizations with successful volunteer programs cultivate a welcoming and inspirational environment and attitude.
Organizations responsibilities:
Establish positive roles for volunteers as an integral part of the organizations vision.

Create volunteer responsibilities that are appreciated, essential and valued through an understanding of staff needs. This will create an atmosphere of sincerity, support, patience and trust.

Determine a clear set of policies and procedures for volunteer management.
Promote excellent communication
design interesting, challenging and purposeful volunteer positions!
Devise specific roles with clear objectives
Encourage input from professional staff and volunteers
Discover what motivates each volunteer...
Making friends
Enhance a resume
Share personal skills
Gain confidence
Leadership skills
Teach values to younger family members
Feeling good for helping others
The Organization
The Volunteer
The Real Motivators
Organizations need to provide the volunteer with a position description and a contractual agreement.
Suggested Activities...
Measures for evaluation...
Orientation and Training provided

These establish an awareness of boundaries and performance expectations while incorporating professional standards. They should be flexible and leave room for negotiation.
Create contractual agreements that detail what the volunteer is responsible for and what the organization agrees to.
Be creative:
develop interesting, challenging, productive and rewarding posts.
Important considerations for volunteer management:
1. Ownership
Provide defined roles and tasks.

Allow those with experience and time-served volunteering more responsibility and leadership roles.

Provide titles that are appealing and reflect their work.
Personal responsibility = PRIDE
2. The Authority to
Provide the opportunity for volunteers to plan and make decisions, and insure they are working toward the "achievement of a coordinated and agreed set of goals".

Encourage volunteers to provide input and feedback.
3. Responsibility for
The volunteer's focus is on defined objectives and accountability for outcomes, rather than performing duties or random activities.

Link them to the end-product to gain a sense of accomplishment.
Not just a member of the assembly line.
4. Opportunity for
Provide clear outcome goals, timelines and time commitments.

Measure volunteer performance to evaluate success, providing incentive to be more creative, effective and efficient.
Something to strive for = motivation!
"You tell me and I forget.
You teach me and I remember.
You involve me and I learn."
Benjamin Franklin
Creating Motivating
Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Position
Partner experienced volunteers with newer members, and encourage mentoring.
Elements of designing motivating volunteer positions:
Create volunteer experiences that can include the entire family.
Incorporate their interests.
Know when to use professional skills:
retired professionals, unemployed individuals, those committed to cause and agree to short term projects, or those with a euphoric love of their career.
Consider the length and extent of commitment.
Don't be wasteful of people's time.
Flexibility: taking into account other personal commitments.
Support them: trained so they have the skills to complete the tasks and feel comfortable.
Limit any out of pocket costs: provide food, drink, transportation, babysitting, etc.
Treat everyone equally and promote camaraderie.
Rotate larger responsibilities so no one gets burnt out and newer members can evolve.
Value, Recognition and Appreciation go a long way!
Express gratitude and thanks!
Recognize their contributions publicly.
Write a referral letter.
Thank families for the volunteer's time.
Provide training and personal development.
The ultimate goal...
Provide detailed volunteer position descriptions.
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Volunteering is an Exchange
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"We make our expectations very clear. Accountability, performance, reliability is no different than paid positions. This is important for volunteers to know and also having the same accountability says 'you are important to our team!' "

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The Authority to Think
Responsibility for Results
Opportunity for Evaluation
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