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Human Nature in The Odyssey

No description

Nicole Savoie

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Human Nature in The Odyssey

Homer's View of Human Nature When people are angry, their first instinct is to turn to revenge. Odysseus wants revenge
on the Cyclopes Odysseus wants revenge on
the suitors The Odyssey " 'Poseidon is still furious with Odysseus for having blinded an eye of Polyphemus, king of the Cyclopes.' "
"While he was thus in two minds, Poseidon sent a terrible great wave that seemed to rear itself above his head till it broke right over the raft."
Poseidon is angry with Odysseus for blinding his son and holds the grudge for years. He prevent Odysseus from getting home and attempts to make his life as miserable as possible, all because Odysseus injured one of his most likely hundreds of children. If Poseidon got this angry at anyone who hurt any of his children, he would probably have a grudge on A LOT of people. (quote from Odysseus) " 'with a sudden clutch he gripped up two of my men at once and dashed them down upon the ground as though they had been puppies. Their brains were shed upon the ground, and the earth was wet with their blood.' "
" 'I was left to scheme some way of taking my revenge and covering myself with glory.' "
Odysseus' first thought after the Cyclopes kills his men is that he needs to get revenge, not that the Cyclopes just felt threatened and was trying to protect himself. Although this instinct and anger that Odysseus feels is natural, this shows that humans immediately turn to revenge and don't even consider compromise or talking it out. " 'You have wasted my substance, have forced my womanservants to lie with you, and have wooed my wife while I was still living. You have feared neither God nor man, and now you shall die.' "
Odysseus feels like the suitors have taken advantage of his home while he was away and immediately wants revenge on them for it. He wants to take the revenge so far that he kills all of the men. Poseidon wants revenge
on Odysseus The men both immediately turn to revenge before even thinking of having mercy on the person or people who angered them. Revenge is a person's first instinct, and people tend to stick with their first instinct.
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