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No description

Jennifer Park

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Jennifer_Boracay-Philippines

Boracay's Coasts- Philippines
White Beach
There is lots of visitors in boracay and they are talking away the sand from boracay in their own bottles to keep. Since the sand in the beach took 40000 years to be like this (soft and fine) the government wants the visitors not to take the sand with them because they are now running out of sand.
The government in boracay wants to make all the buildings blend in with the nature, people can not build buildings 300m close to the beach or be higher than a coconut tree.
White Beach
cave in boracay
Resorts in Boracay
So Boracay...
Rock formation in Boracay
This is an arch in Boracay.
Arch forms when the sea attacks the cracks in the cliff at a headland. The cracks grow larger and form a cave. Then the cave gets eroded all the way through. It turns into an arch. One day the arch will collapse and leave a stack, in time, the waves will erode the stack into stump.
A beautiful arch in Boracay
Sand in Boracay-White Beach
The sand in White Beach of Boracay is White sand. White sand is usually found in tropical or sub-tropical settings. White sand is often eroded limestone and may contain coral and shell fragments in addition to other organic or organically derived fragmental material. It might contain different fragments, materials or types of rocks depending on the organisms or the climate, and the background too. White sand is very popular among the tourists, the often bring a bottle with them to carry the sand to their home country. Since the amount of the white sand is decreasing, the government is banning that action of tourists.
Weather Effecting Boracay
There was a real big Haiyan Typhoon that blew directly at Phillipines, that was also affeting Boracay. It killed 10,000 people living in Boracay and caused an abolute disaster there that costs about $1billion to repair. Still, the government say that it wasn't the worst situation that they expected, and that they dodged the typhoon. It broked lots of buildings and killed lots of trees, damaging the beautiful view of the coast but it took a short period of time repairing, and the tourists didn't cacel their visits or postponed it.
Long shore drift in Boracay
Long shore drift is when sediments (rock sand and pebbles) transport to another place along the coast at a specific angle ( by swash and backwash) The angles matter by the prevailing wind and climate. In the Amihan season, the prevailing wind is from the North east so therefore the rocks travel to the North east. At Habagat season, the prevailing wind is from the west, so the rocks and pebbles will travel to the west. During Longshore drift Attrition, abrasion and Hydraulic action will take place.
Boracay is a small island of the Philippines located in north west corner of Penay island. Boracay is very famous for being the world's top destination for relaxation.
There is 2 seasons in Boracay. The Amihan and the Habagat season. At Amihan season, there is little or no rain fall, with moderate temperatures and prevailing wind coming from the North east. At Habagat season, there is lots of rainfalls with hot and humid temperature and prevailing wind coming from the west. Generally, Boracay has a temperture of 25-32degrees Celsius.
There is no protection in Boracay's
beaches because the government
wants to make everything blend
in with the nature and all those protection of the coast are not going to make the coast look good for the tourists. The coast is eroding, but the government is not putting any protections. ( It is mostly for tourists,and their non-stop visits)

regional map of boracay... White beach is on the south west
philppines! Boracay is a island of the philippines.
we can see trees, boats, white sand and the beach.
This cave is made by the waves hitting very strongly, throwing the shingles too. it is called abrasion.
Is a beautiful island in the Philippines. The government wats everything to blend in with the nature so there is no tall buildings. What government and the people worry about the most is that the tourists are taking their nice sand away and they are running out of sand. Boracay is one of the best relaxing place to go. And the beach, the rock formations and the place it self is just perfect!! If you got time. there is no harm visiting there!!
we can see those fenominal resorts, trees and the beach in these photos..
Wave impact
The waves are taking the sand away by swash and backwash- called long shore drift that was explained at another box, and the coast is running out of sand, the sand is usually transported to the North east or the west, depending on the season.

Swash, put portion of old sand back,
take new sand from the beach.
Backwash, bringing the sand to ocean.
Diagram of
Climate graph of Boracay..
We can see resorts, the beach and trees, path in this photograph
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