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Animal Farm

No description

Bretton Chatham

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Animal Farm

All Animals are Equal... ...but some animals are more equal than others. "No fables are really about animals."
--Margaret Atwood Manor Farm=Imperial Russia
Animal Farm=Soviet Union Animalism=Communism Hoof & Horn
Hammer & Sickle Willingdon=Europe
England=The World Pinchfield Farm=
Nazi Germany Foxwood Farm=
Britain The Barn=
Town Hall The House=
The Kremlin "Beasts of England"=
"The Internationale" Sugarcandy Mountain=
Heaven Windmill=
Five Year Plans Humans=Capitalists Pigs=Communists Alcohol=
Power Animal Revolt=Bolshevik Revolution Battle of the Cowshed=
Russian Civil War Hens' Rebellion=Ukrainian Peasants' Revolt Battle of the Windmill=
Battle of Stalingrad Jones=Czar Nicholas II Frederick=Adolf Hitler Pilkington=
Winston Churchill Old Major=
Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels/
Vladimir Lenin Snowball=
Leon Trotsky Napoleon=
Joseph Stalin Squealer=
Pravda Boxer=
New Soviet Man Mollie=
Russian Aristocracy Benjamin=
George Orwell Muriel=
The Elderly Moses=
Russian Orthodox
Church Dogs=
KGB The Cat=
Criminals Rats & Rabbits=
Gypsies Sheep=
The Masses
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